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Welcome to Ladyhawke's Nest. Please use the links below to visit our pages, or use the "Door" button to begin your visit with the family. Just a reminder, at the end of your visit, please take the time to sign one of our guestbooks.....we'd love to hear your comments!!! Thank you!

The hearts represents our family.....just give them a click to find out a little more about us.

Find out more about Ladyhawke by clicking the unicorn....or you can check out Ladyhawke's story about living as an adult with ADHD by clicking on Life With Ladyhawke

Click on the photo of the couple, and you will meet my hubby, Mark. BTW, he's the one with the moustache! ;)

Let Adam's angel take you to his page and find out what he likes.

Go to Robynn's very own page to find out who she saw in concert.

Click on Alexandra's angel to find out who her favourite Backstreet Boy is......and more!

We've included a page about some of the other members of our family, just click above!

Go fly the kite....and learn about a subject that is very close to our hearts...our experiences, bringing up a child with ADHD! Just to let you know......there are now 4 pages to make up our ADHD section, and you can go to them by starting with the page above! :)

Check out one of the newest pages....Ladyhawke's Art, where you can find a few samples of original artwork.

As I've travelled around the internet, I've met many wonderful creatures, looking for a permanent home. On this page (and subsequent pages (soon), you can meet some of the ones that I've taken home with me.....just click the kittens!

This little panda will take you to the second page of my adoptees. Here you will find some more of the animals and others that we have opened our web home to.

This is our page of our eyes, they are all "superstars"!!!!

The wreath (ring) above will take you to my pages of webrings. Here you will find a selection of very special groups that I belong to......special Webrings! and More Webrings

The ballons represent a celebration....the reason for it....a few awards that I've won!! :)

Well, I've decided to try something new! This page is dedicated to my favourite group, The Beatles. I'm just starting out on this page, so be patient, it will get better! :)

Here's the latest addition to our "Nest". Now you can send greetings to your friends or loved ones....for any occassion. :) Please feel free to visit Ladyhawke's Nest Card Shoppe, and let someone know you're thinking of them!

We have started adding some other pages recently. There are now some links for pages about some of our favourite people and places, an information page about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and a few surprises, so please bookmark this page, and keep checking back to see how we are growing!!! :)

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