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"You laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh at you because you're all the same....... "

Welcome to the Autistic Spectrum Disorder Parents Pages UK Web-site.

We have a child who has Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and has Semantic Pragmatic Language difficulties (SPD) it has taken us a while to come to terms with the diagnosis but at the end of the day he is still a lovely sweet little boy and we love him dearly.

Please use the links and Navigation bar below to find your way around my site!!  Also I would appreciate it if you could please sign my guestbook as I would like to know who has passed through my site and any comments about it are welcome!! The personally written pages are written by myself, a parent, and are written to try to help people who like myself are trying to do the best that they can for their children. Some of the pages are written from advice that has been given to ourselves and we thought it may be of use to others. I hope they can help you!!

Also there are links to websites that provide a lot of information regarding Autism/Related Disorders, Language and Communication, Health and Diet, and Education. This list is my own and my friend's personal preferences and by no means an exhaustive list of sites. Also there is a link to our forum please pop by and say hello!!!

Thank you.



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