Mystical Worlds of Koda-Oz

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Welcome weary traveler.  You have now entered the mystical worlds of Koda-Oz.  Our enchanted Lady of Koda-Oz welcomes you to take a journey into our magical worlds.


Our Lady has reined over these worlds for some time.  She has the support from all who live here.  Her only nemesis is Merlin our sorcerer.  Merlin resides in the Castle within the Realm of Darkness.  He has tried to overthrow our Lady since she has come to the thrown.  Merlin has tried everything to persuade residents to side against our Lady.  Our Lady has kept Merlin at arm's length for some time now.    So, be aware of him while on your journey.


You may begin your journey by visiting our Enchanted Forest, or our Mystical Gardens.  If you enjoy the lands of the unknown, you could start with our realms of mystery.  Our Lady has many worlds for you to visit, so please feel free to journey through all of them.


Please be aware of creatures and beings that lurk in the shadows.  Many of these creatures are Merlin's druids and will whisk you away to Merlin's castle.  Please be careful.







Our Lady has accepted the challenge of the Site Fights.  Please vote for our Lady by clicking the logo below.  She is a proud member of Stormy's Legends!!









Happy Halloween!!!


Come in and visit my newest page, all decorated for my goblins and ghoulish visitors!  Thank you to Dspirits for the wonderful job they did on our Dhaunted House.


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Please visit our Lady's Spirit Pages.  Our Lady has also become a Spirit and a Fairy for the Site Fights.  Our Lady has created realms for each of her positions in the fights.





Spirit Whisper







D' Butterfly Kiss Fairy






Quill Starlight






Spirit Page

Quill Page


Land of the Fairy

Land of the Spirit



Gifts 2

Spirit Garden








To begin your journey you may select from the many paths below.


Enchanted Forest

Mystical Gardens

Mystical Meadows

Unicorn Mountain

Land of Water

Picture Galleries

Land of Darkness


Ghost Stories

Salem Witch


Legends of Murder

Web Rings

Mistress Chamber

Legends of Mystery









Our Lady wishes a fond farewell and she hopes you have a pleasant journey.



Our Lady requests that you sign her guest book before you leave, and if you have any comments or suggestions concerning her site, please feel free to email her.







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