The Base of the cross is 1,034 ft. above sea level. The Cross stands 111 ft tall, is 22 ft square at the base,16 ft. square at the top, and it's arms extend horzionally 63 ft.

  A Easter Sunrise Service is held annually. The first one was held in 1937. Bald Knob is the most prominent elevation in Southern most Ill. Surrounded by the rugged scenic beauty of the Shawnee National Forest, Bald Knob rises more than 700 ft, above the valley below. Each year the thousands who vist express wonder at the magnifcence of the setting.

  The area is interdenomational and available to all religious groups. It is highly spiritual area. Any worthy group with high standards can use the area and its facilities by complying with the grounds rules.

  Bald Knob Cross is located between interstates 24,55 and 57 in Southern Ill. From Ill 127 at Alto Pass, take exit for Bald Knob. Then follow the signs for four miles to Bald Knob Cross. The last four miles are a scenic wilderness.

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Cabin Rental At the foot of the Cross

Cross Applet

Diana's Bald Knob Cross Page

More Pictures here By Denny Essary

Bald Knob Hide-A-way

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Welcome To Bald Knob Cross OF Peace

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Photo's by Dan Wilson Wolfe Lake Il.

Mike Cole Jonesboro Il.

Bald Knob Cross of Peace officers 2009

President......................................Steve McKeown created a Facebook group a few days ago. More than 100 people joined in the first 36 hours. It now has 280 members.

Bald Knob Cross on facebook

Vice President......Ralph Brandon of Carterville

Treasurer.......Bradley Rogers of Vergennes .

Secretary.......Jon Musgrave (618-998-1024

Jon's Bald Knob Cross blog

Bald Knob Cross Restoration

Greater is the power behind us than the task before us!

Contributions and donations may be sent to:

Bald Knob Cross

P.O. Box 35

Alto Pass IL 62905

Donations to Bald Knob Cross of Peace are tax deductible charitable contributions.

Althrough The Welcome Center at the cross is no longer open except for Special Events.

Bald Knob Hide-A-Way is open 8: A.M. - 8:P.M. with Soft drinks, Snacks,Postcards, Souveniers and Gifts.

Located 1/4 mile before the Cross Or Last driveway on the right before the Cross.


Come up and see us Sometime.

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