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By: Kristi N. Zanker


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The Response


John-Boy helped Daisy find an apartment nearly two weeks after that first meeting. Several weeks later, she told him about a job offer she had received. She would be a waitress at a restaurant near her apartment. He asked her if she was going to go back into theater, but she told him that was difficult with Melissa around.

When she moved into her apartment, they met an elderly lady who lived across the hall. Mrs. Mildred McVee insisted on everyone calling her Millie. She became Melissa’s babysitter during the day. The old lady announced to them they were the sweetest couple and said she would be happy to watch her if they ever wanted to go out for the evening.

John-Boy felt comfortable with Daisy now. The hurt that invaded him from time to time had finally begun to fade. It had been months, but he was finally able to put his hurt behind him. Two weeks ago, he wired his mother about sending the ring he originally gave Daisy. Today, he worked out of his apartment. John-Boy worked on his novel all morning and into the afternoon, frequently looking out the window, anxiously waiting for the postman to arrive with the ring. All week, after sending the telegram, he thought about how he could propose to Daisy. He thought of the restaurant where he first proposed to her, but decided against it. He thought about a romantic walk through Central Park. No, he wanted to be alone with her.

Finally, around two in the afternoon, he saw the postman walk up the steps of the brownstone building. John-Boy raced downstairs to meet him at the door. He finally had the ring!

Everything was going as planned. Now, all he had to do was wait for Daisy to get off work. She thought they were going to go out to eat with Melissa and to a movie, but he had it all planned. Thank goodness for Millie. John-Boy adored her. She reminded him of Maggie McKenzie, whom he took on a voyage with years ago.

When John-Boy came back into his apartment, he telephoned Millie to let her know that he had the ring and he was ready.

“You take all the time you need,” she told him. “Melissa’s a darling. We’re having a good time today. I took her to get some ice cream and we walked to the park. She’s napping right now. Don’t you worry about her.”

“Thank you so much, Millie. Thank you for the champagne. I’ll let you know what she says.”

“Oh, I know what she’s going to say. You two are so in love.”
They said goodbye to one another. John-Boy smiled as he placed the receiver back in the cradle. When Millie came to pick up Melissa this morning, after Daisy left for work, she brought John-Boy a bottle of champagne. She would keep Melissa while he made his move.

John had to finish up a chapter of his novel and then wait for Daisy to knock on the door. It was just a matter of time before she would be there. John-Boy knew now he was ready for a life with Daisy and Melissa.

Around eight-thirty, John-Boy was getting nervous. He stopped writing an hour ago, unable to finish the chapter. He paced the floor and glanced at the kitchen clock for the fiftieth time that night. He sat down on the sofa and stared out the window.

He leaned over and turned on the radio. Perhaps a comedy or suspenseful story would pass the time and ease his nerves. He listened to the end of a program and started into another when he finally heard the faint knock on the door. He quickly snapped off the radio and went to open the door. Daisy stood there, looking tired, yet still happy to see him.

“Hello, darling! How was your day?” he said.

“Well, other than this customer that would not stop ordering drinks and me having to wait on him, I could not leave until he was finished. I’m so happy to see you.” She put her arms around John-Boy and gave him a hug and a kiss. “Are you almost ready, John, I have to pick up Melissa first, remember?”

“Daisy…wait. I called Millie and she agreed to watch Melissa tonight. I have plans for the two of us. You come in here and sit down. Relax while I get us something to drink,” said John-Boy.

He went to the cupboard and got two stemmed glasses. John-Boy took the champagne out of the refrigerator and poured some into both of the glasses. He walked into the living room, carrying one glass in each hand, being careful not to spill anything.

“What’s this?” said Daisy, laughing. “You’ve read my mind. This is just what I need after today.”

She stood up to get her glass from John-Boy, but he told her to sit down. He handed her the glass. She took a sip and then set it on the coffee table.

“I forgot to get something, I’ll be back,” said John-Boy.

The sun was almost set and John-Boy decided it would be perfect if candles were lit. He excused himself and went to get the candles. He came back into the living room, grinning. The match flame burst to life and John-Boy slowly lit the candles.

“This is so nice, John.”

John-Boy sat next to Daisy and took her hand.

“Daisy, would you like to dance?”

“Now, how did I know you were going to say that,” said Daisy.

John-Boy kissed her and turned on the radio.

“Well, will you look at that…it’s our song!” John-Boy laughed. “The radio must know us.”

The song ‘Whispering’ filled the room. John-Boy stood up and took Daisy’s hand. The two moved to the middle of the room and began swaying to the soft music.

“I know I say this every time, but I’ll never forget the marathon dance. They kept playing this one over and over,” he said and Daisy smiled at him.

John-Boy could feel that she was beginning to lose the stress of her day. She had been very tense, but now, as he held her, she could feel her relaxing.

“John, this is the perfect ending to the day I had.”

Oh, if only she knew how perfect, John-Boy thought, as he smiled back at her. The song ended and they stood in each other's arms looking at the beautiful sunset.

“Daisy, I have waited a long time to say this to you, but I realized one thing when we were separated. My life was missing something. I did not know what it was, but now I know. It’s you and Melissa.”

His hand went into his pocket and stayed for a minute, making sure the ring was still there. It was.

“Daisy,” he began.

It was now or never.

“Daisy…these past few weeks have been so wonderful for the both of us. I wanted to plan something special, but I just can’t wait. I want your honest opinion. I hope I’m not moving too fast, but, what I want to say is—well—“

John-Boy took her hand in his. With his other hand, he reached into his pocket and pulled out the small box that held the answer to their future. He got down on one knee, and a smile spread across Daisy’s face. He smiled back. So far, it was a good sign. He held the box and opened it. He took out the ring and held her left hand.

“Daisy, will you marry me…again?” His voice was barely audible; he wondered if she heard him.

“Yes, I’ve been waiting for you to ask me that.”

John-Boy slipped the ring around her finger and stood up. He gave her a deep kiss and then they embraced one another.

They were locked in their embrace and kissing. John-Boy did not want to stop. He forced himself to pull away from her for a moment to gaze at her longingly. It was so easy for them to get carried away, but they both knew tonight would not be the night.

They decided to walk over to Millie’s and spring the news. They arrived at Millie's within a matter of minutes. Millie said Melissa had just woken up and when Daisy spoke, they all heard her running to her yelling, "Mommy! Mommy!"

“Hi, sweetie!” Daisy bent down and kissed her forehead. “Mommy has very good news for you and Millie.”

Millie was grinning from ear to ear already knowing. John-Boy also grinned.

“Melissa, as you know I have loved John for a long time and tonight he asked me to marry him.”

“Melissa, I want you to be with us. For all of us to be a family,” said John-Boy.

“Yeah, Mommy!”

Melissa jumped up squealing with laughter and the three of them hugged.

“We want to go out to celebrate, let’s go out to dinner and Millie I want you to come with us too.”

They all ventured out the door.

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