A Waltons Story

(The Waltons Fan Fiction)

By: Kristi N. Zanker


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The Amendment


He watched as the train pulled away from the station. Both of the girls’ heads peeked out of the window, as they waved frantically at John-Boy, who stood on the platform. The crowed thinned and soon only a cluster of people left. Part of him wished he could've gotten on the train with them and gone back Waltons Mountain. At least at home, there was no deception, no lies, and no secrets. John-Boy realized that if he had gone with Elizabeth and Melissa, the deception, lies, and secrets would only be waiting for when he returned to Daisy.

He slowly walked to the nearest streetcar stop and waited patiently. I could wait all day, he thought to himself. There is no need to rush right home. Daisy was resting anyway. The hospital had released her yesterday evening.

He was so thankful for Elizabeth. He couldn't tell her that enough while she was here. While he had went to the hospital to bring Daisy home, she, Millie, and Melissa had cleaned the place up, gotten the bed ready for her, and even baked a small chocolate cake with the words, Welcome Home, Daisy! frosted across the top. John-Boy was grateful for their kindness.

As he slowly made his way back to the brownstone, John-Boy thought about his life with Daisy and if he could ever trust her again. He was thinking about his parents too, about the life they had shared even through bad times. He came to the conclusion that he wanted to try, but it would take some time for him to trust her again.

John-Boy sat on the stoop before going inside. He thought back to when Daisy’s lying had begun. It was before they got married, when she never told him about Melissa. Was that considered a lie? He thought. Was it? It was just something she didn’t tell him. It wasn’t right then and it doesn’t make it better now. John-Boy shuddered. From then on, after first finding out about Melissa, the majority of things had not been good. It was true, the truth sure did hurt.

As he opened their door, he walked toward the bedroom. He saw Daisy sleeping, just as he suspected. John-Boy sat at the kitchen table and began to catch up on his writing. Around four o’clock, while preparing dinner, he was thinking how proud his mother would be of his newly acquired cooking skills, as he prepared a baked chicken breast with vegetables and baked potatoes. He heard Daisy get out of bed, and come into the kitchen. She asked if the girls had gotten off ok. He told her yes and his parents promised to call as soon as they picked them up from the train station. Daisy went to soak in the bathtub while John-Boy finished dinner.

“Come to the bedroom and I’ll give you a much needed back rub,” said Daisy, after the dinner dishes were dried and put away.

“Not now,” replied John-Boy, who sat frozen on the couch.

“Are you ever going to get over being mad at me?”

“Don't be silly.”

A heavy silence hung in the air.

“Well?” asked Daisy.

“Well what?”

“Don't you understand how I feel and what I’ve been through? Why are you so mad at me?” Daisy asked.

His blood pressure had risen at her statement to him. He sighed.

“It isn't what you have been through that bothers me. It’s your lying. I just want to know what else I’m going to find out about you. The dishonesty is what I cannot stand.”

The phone interrupted their argument. It was Olivia and John to let them know that the girls made it home and that they were just fine. John-Boy thanked his mother once again for her help, hung up the phone, and returned to the couch. Daisy sat across from him now in the winged-back chair.

John-Boy was trying his hardest to work on his relationship; however, he could not get past the lying. He saw that Daisy was trying to make amends with him, but it just wasn't working. He thought the best thing to do was collect his thoughts, go home to the mountain. Maybe then he could put things in perspective. He needed to go home alone without her.

He was not going to bring it up to Daisy at this moment. He was going to wait until later on in the week. As they turned in for bed, John-Boy sat at his desk and wrote in his journal. The large tablets of paper were still his refuge to express his thoughts, his feelings for he did not feel he could share his thoughts with his wife without blowing up at her. John-Boy promised himself he was not going to do it at this time.

The next morning he got up, went to work, and absorbed himself in as many projects as he could to make up for the time he was going to lose. He spoke with his boss, and thankfully he understood the pressure John-Boy was under and was empathetic about him needing a break.

John-Boy ended up not getting home till nine at night. Daisy was up waiting for him. She started the second he walked in to the door.

“John is this what life is going to be like from now on? Am I going to pay for my mistakes over and over again?”

“What are you talking about?” he asked irritably.

“Do you realize what time it is?”

“Daisy, someone has to make a living and pay bills. The hospital bills are going to be coming in. I’m trying to make up for lost time.”

“Why can’t you be honest with me? Truth be told right now, you don't even want to be around me.”

John-Boy could feel his blood pressure rising once again.

“If you really want to know, right now I’m doing my best to keep my emotions under control. I’m hoping that over time I can get past the way I’m feeling. I feel that with you’re lying, all you were doing was thinking about what was good for you! You sure as hell were not thinking about us. So, if you want to get into it now that is just the tip of the iceberg of what I’m feeling.”

“John, please,” Daisy started to cry. “Please, I cannot stand it when you act that way towards me!”

He was yelling at her now.

“How do you think I feel when the woman I love--the woman I plan to spend my life with can be so deceitful, and lie about something that is so important? I cannot even talk about this anymore! I’m hoping that I will get over this, but I don’t know how with the way I’m feeling. I was going to wait to tell you, but I’m going back to the mountain. I’ll be going back next week to pick up Melissa and I’ll be going by myself! I need time away to think about things.”

“John, please!”
“Daisy, maybe it will give us both time to think about things.”

She went to the bedroom and slammed the door. John-Boy sat on the couch and put his head into his hands. He prayed to God for direction and afterward, he ended up falling asleep on the couch.

For the remainder of the week, John-Boy burned the midnight oil at work and got home late every night. Daisy left a warmed-over dinner for him and did not bother even coming out of the bedroom when he came home. They acted more like roommates rather than husband and wife. By Thursday night, they had their first bit of conversation since the argument. It was actually a reminder, rather than a conversation.

“I’m leaving tomorrow after I get off work,” John-Boy said.

“I see, so there is no changing your mind right now?” asked Daisy.

“No, there isn’t.”

She got up and started packing for him.

“Well, John, maybe you’re right. We both need time to think.”

He looked at her in amazement and nodded his head. He went up to her and kissed her on the cheek.

“I still love you,” he said.

She held him and said, “I love you, too.”


John-Boy boarded the train out of Grand Central station, the same station he dropped Elizabeth and Melissa the week before. He found an empty seat and sat down. As other passengers boarded the train he drifted back to the conversation he had with Daisy last night. It was a late night for him and he was glad that they both agreed to a small break with each other. He needed time to reflect and most of all he knew that he could talk to his father, who was always there for him.

During the ride, he wrote in his journal and chatted with other passengers sitting next to him. The trip back to Virginia went by quickly and it was ten at night before he knew it. As the train stopped at the nearest depot to Waltons Mountain, he saw Jason and Ben waiting for him.

As he combed his way through the crowd, he was able to get the attention of Ben.

“There he is, Jase!” John-Boy heard Ben say. He saw Ben and Jason running toward him.

“Hey, big brother! How are you?” asked Ben.

John-Boy embraced both of them and remarked that it was so good to be home. He asked how Melissa was doing. Jason told him that between Mama, Elizabeth, and Aimee Godsey, they were all spending special time with Melissa and seemed to be enjoying herself.

They all chatted in the car on the way back as if John-boy had never left. He took a deep breath and said that it was one of the best things coming back to the mountain--the clean air, so different from New York City. They finally pulled up to the front of the house, where Olivia and John were sitting on the porch swing, waiting up for them. John-Boy hugged and kissed them both.

“You’re too skinny, John-Boy. I have some food heating on the stove for you,” she said.

“Nothing like being home,” John-Boy replied and smiled.

After he ate his dinner, they sat up and chatted for awhile. John-Boy did not want to bring up the problems with Daisy. It was midnight before they headed up for bed. He checked in on the girls’ room and went to kiss Melissa good night. He thought about calling Daisy but then thought it was too late and that it could wait till morning. Then Melissa could talk to her too.

John-Boy felt good to be home. Mama had set up a cot in the boys’ room. It had been a long day, so he had no problem falling asleep. He told himself that his problems could wait until tomorrow.

He was awoken to Melissa bouncing in the room and jumping on top of him.

“John-Boy, John-Boy! Wake up!” she said.

He pretended to be asleep. He then grabbed Melissa, began tickling her and she started screaming. Elizabeth popped her head into the room.

“I’m sorry, John-Boy, I wanted you to sleep in,” she said.

“It’s okay, honey. Come here so I can give you a big hug.”

They embraced, and then he said, “Let’s go downstairs and have some breakfast.”

He put on his robe, went downstairs, and gave everyone a hug and Kiss that he did not see last night.

“Come help me with some chores, Melissa. We need to feed Chance and Rover,” said Elizabeth.

“No! I don't want to leave John-Boy!”

“Oh, honey, its okay. I’ll be right here. Elizabeth needs your help. You’re a good helper.” John-Boy smiled at her and she then left with her.

“Mama, you will never know how much of a help Elizabeth was with everything. I just felt so bad, she came up for a visit, but to tell you the truth, if she was not there I don't know what I would’ve done.”

“I know. We keep thinking that she is too young to understand these kind of things. But she really is grown up,” said Mary Ellen.

“John-Boy, how is Daisy doing?” asked Olivia.

“Well, it was hard, I’m not sure she will be the same.”

“I remember that hurt well, but you both have to have faith in God and each other to get through an ordeal like that,” she said.

“I know,” he said, thinking that now would not be a good time to tell his mother what was going on. Well, time will heal, he thought and hoped.

“I suppose I need to get dressed….Mama, do you mind if I call Daisy? I want her to be able to speak with Melissa.”

“Sure, John-Boy.”

He went upstairs, washed up and got dressed. As he came down the stairs, he heard the girls coming in and soon joined them.

“Melissa,” he called. “Do you want to talk to your Mama?”

She was excited at the thought and John-Boy dialed the number. He said “Hello” to Daisy and let her know that he made it okay.

“How are you doing?” John-Boy asked.

“I’m trying to adjust to a quiet house,” Daisy replied.

He told her he loved her and said that someone wanted to speak with her. John-Boy smiled as Melissa got on the phone. She then jumped up and down with excitement.

“Mommy, Mommy!!” Melissa said into the mouthpiece.

“Your Daddy is out in the saw mill.” Olivia said. “I’m sure you’d like to spend some time with him.”

“Yes, I do, Mama. I’ll give him a hand; I haven’t worked in the saw mill for a long time.”

“Don’t you worry; I’ll keep an eye on Melissa,” his mother said as he went onto the back porch and out the screen door.

It would be August soon, and yet the summer heat would still linger on. He first went into the barn and visited with the animals. Chance gave a happy moo as he entered the barn.

“Chance, old girl! It’s been awhile since I’ve been out here. Remember, I used to milk you?” John-Boy patted the cow.

In distance he heard the saw mill running. He gave Chance one more pet and then said, “Looks like Daddy may need some help.”

He ambled over to the saw mill and stood in the doorway for a moment while his father placed a piece of wood to be cut. His father looked up as the wood went through and nodded to John-Boy. He shouted for him to come in. John-Boy walked around the machine and stood next to his father.

“How’s the day been treating you, son?” John asked over the roar of the machine.

“Good, so far. I was just out here to see if you needed any help, like old times.”

“No, Ben and I got this order pretty much under control. I just have a few more to go through. Say, how about you and I going to fishing?”

“Sure, Daddy. It’s been so long since we’ve done that.”

John-Boy ended up helping his father with the last part of the order. They walked into the house and announced that the two of them were going fishing.

“Son, you look like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders,” John remarked.

“Is it that obvious, Daddy?” John-Boy asked.

“I’m afraid so. Your Mama and I are worried,” his father said.

The last thing I want to do is worry Mama.”

“Well, she suspects that there was more to your story. Do you want to talk about it?”

“Yeah, Daddy I do. I guess I need to start at the beginning. Daisy is not the person I thought that she was.”

“In what way son?”

“She’s lied to me and it isn't just little things; it’s major issues. Daddy, I don't know if I can even trust her anymore.”

“It takes a lot of give and take to make a marriage work. But the most important thing is love, John-Boy. If love is there, you can work through anything.”

“You and Mama crossed my mind so much. I thought of your marriage, and thought this is what I wanted with Daisy. But I just don't feel like I can trust her anymore. But I want to, more than any thing.”

John-Boy explained from the beginning about Daisy never telling him about Melissa, about keeping important decisions from him, about her doctor warning her that she should not have any more children, and then risking herself by becoming pregnant.

“I just feel like every thing I based my life with this woman is a lie, Daddy. And what’s worse, this is what I know about. I feel I’m married to a stranger now,” said John-Boy.

They sat on the pier of Drucilla's pond, but the fish were not really biting that day.

“John-Boy, your Mama and me we share a deep love and trust in each other. We have had our share of problems. I know when we were younger, it wasn’t easy. Starting our life living with Ma and Pa was not easy at times. Then, I was drafted and had to leave when she was expecting you. Not to mention most of my life not having two nickels to rub together. Trying to raise a family and being poor. There were times I never had more then the sweat of my brow, but I managed, we did and I would not be able to without her. But I always knew, no matter what, I wanted to grow old with your mother. To me no matter what problem we had, I knew we would get through it together. Son, remember the love you shared with Daisy, if you can get to that point again, your marriage will have a fighting chance.”

“Yes, Daddy, you’re right. I guess I have to get over the anger I feel to look at this objectively.”

“You will, John-Boy, in time you will.”

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