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I have been writing stories on and off for nearly 25 years, although the writing focal point has been more present in the last 15 years or so. Since I've enjoyed this hobby so much, I ended up with a Bachelor of Science degree in History as well as a minor in English. Both of which required endless, extensive hours of research, reading and term papers. I wrote my first complete fiction story in 1993, and struggled with a few unfinished pieces throughout my high school years. It was in college that I began to take a more serious look at the craft of writing fiction and also discovered the atmosphere of fan fiction. In 1998, I wrote my first fan fiction story and have thoroughly enjoyed this genre of writing ever since.

As you will soon notice in the pages below, my stories tend to take place in another era during the 20th Century. This should be no surprise to those who truly know me and are aware of my respect and admiration for the subject. The decades I enjoy researching and studying range from the 1920s to the 1970s. If I had to choose a favorite decade, it would be the 1940s. I feel that the war years were so special and extraordinary in their own way, and that there was a certain poignancy of those days that we, in this modern age, will never have the chance to experience. Since I do not remember any of the above decades first hand, I use the written word to transport back in time.

When it comes to fan fiction, I take my most favorite television shows and write at least one or possibly more stories about that show or character. People write fan fiction for all sorts of reasons. They may not have liked how a certain series ended, and created their own or continued it so an extra season may have been added. They want to delve into a certain character or their behavior, personality, faults etc. At least with me, when it comes to already-made TV characters, I tend to create a background for them or expand on what limited knowledge we may have about a certain person in a series. I feel this makes the beloved character more realistic and well-rounded instead of the flat, one-dimensional icon we see on the small screen. Other times, people write additional episodes on subjects they wished a particular show would have tackled. I do this as well. Not only can my fan fiction be read here, it is also located at the following links:

Fan Fiction.Net

The Mark VII Fan Fiction Realm

The Wonderful World of Make Believe (WWOMB)

From my days in the ISU classroom, along with reading countless historical materials, interviewing those who have lived and experienced the decades I write about, and researching simple historical finds to the more challenging issues; with the addition of reputable sites on the Internet, this has made researching somewhat easier and much less time consuming. Still, it is a must and there right at your fingertips. I feel that with my knowledge, experiences, and background, I can create an utmost accurate and authentic story with the right kind and amount of detail needed to pull the reader into the story, the specific era at hand, from the first chapter to the last word in the final one. Of course, research is not confined to history alone, it applies to every important aspect or field you write about. Poorly researched and edited material heavily shines through and detracts the reader from the story, thus moving on to something that's more steadfast and genuine.

Always, any serious writer knows that they must edit, spellcheck, and proofread several times before submitting anything, whether it's to a website, magazine, or publishing company. Yet since we are closest to our own works, it is also advisable and wise to have a second or perhaps a third pair of eyes, (who surely know a thing or two about writing in general), look everything over. All in all, these challenges can be fun, frustrating, emotional, exasperating, and rewarding for many.

I should mention here that I am legally blind. In 1978, I was born with ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity). I have no sight in my right eye and limited vision (20/400) in my left. I do not let this deter me from anything and continue to do my absolute best.

You may wonder what else I do in my spare time besides write stories. Other interests I enjoy are reading, watching classic television series, listening to Old Time Radio shows, volunteering, shopping, bowling, bike riding, and participating in numerous activities and outings with the local Center for Sight and Hearing.

I hope you enjoy my writings in the coming pages. Feel free to leave me an e-mail and tell me your thoughts on what you have just read. All feedback is welcome, I truly mean that, and you're guaranteed a reply.

Besides this site, my poetry and short fiction story can be found at and Also, feel free to visit me on Facebook.

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