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July 2001,  approved after 8 months!
Very happy and anxious for surgery.
I had lost about 30 pounds here from havin gallbladder surgery in June. I of course gained it all back by September...
September 2001 this was taken the week before surgery...
I look like I am pregnant
Oct. 2001   Down 50 pounds!
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December 2, 2001. Down 70 pounds!
After being  denied by my insurance company 3 times, I was  approved for and had weight loss surgery, a lap RNY  on 9/20/01 in Coos Bay Oregon, my surgeon is Dr. Tersigni.
I have now lost about 160 pounds and I am living my life again, instead of just existing. Feel free to email me with any questions or comments.
This surgery has changed my life. I am loosing weight very rapidly and getting my life back!
I welcome questions and comments from anyone genuinely interested in my weight loss  journey. Please see below for more pictures and to sign my guest book, feel free to email me too!
I am now down 98 pounds and wearing a size 16, can you believe that???? I have trouble with it!
Who would have believed that in a short 4 months a person could change thier life so drastically?
I have lost 125 pounds and I'm wearing a size 12.....unbelievaable!!!!
I have lost 145 pounds in 9 months, and I'm wearing a size 6 or 8 depending on the style. I am so very happy with myself now, I feel like doing more all of the time. This summer is the best ever!

Wow, what a year this has been! I am living life again, and enjoying every minute. I have lost about 160 pounds now, and I think I am done. I am wearing sizes 4 or 6 depending on the clothes. In my mind I am still the same size though, so it is a constant adjustment.
Christmas Day 2001.
Down 80 pounds!!
This  picture was taken January 8, 2002.
I was wearing a size 18 and thrilled about it!
February 2, 2002
Feeling so much better
September 18, 2001
This was a picture taken during the third week of September  at my office for work. This was the last picture of me before surgery.
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April 9, 2002.
January 2003
New Year, better life!
July 2002
With my grandson,
Nathan at 1 month old.
What a difference a year makes!
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