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This group is designed for the educational growth of Ancient Historical Information in African Centered studies, World History, Esoteric teachings, the Zodiac, Ancient Religions, Science, Alchemy, among other studies and historical information.

The magical knowledge of our ancestors comprises an intricate and elegant technology of the mind and imagination which could transform humanity and the world if it were reclaimed and synthesized for use in the present day.

Our intention is to make sense of the Void, Oneness, duality, trinity and many other conception of thought.  As law governs all events it will bring the awareness of law of Worlds, law of attention, law of synchronicity, law of relative truth,
law of pragmatism, and the law of reflection.

For those who fear not life and are in search of Universal Truth,
"Welcome to the Seventh Gate"!!!
Welcome to the Website of the
7th Gate Group
Ezekiel M. Bey - Emperor of the 7th Gate/Founder
Joyce Reaves - Empress of the 7th Gate/Webmaster
Harmon Weston - Historical Research Advisor
Rashied K. Sharieff Al Bey - Magus of the 7th Gate WenEmMerRa Kemware - Cosmic Scientist
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"The Eyes of Truth"
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