The movement of the Arabian Horse is like the melody of Classical Music. We name our horses after a Classical Composer or Symphony. We want to compose Classical Champions!

At Journey's End Farm, our goal is to breed top quality arabians for beauty, athleticism, and temperament for the showring in Halter, Performance or to be your outstanding family pleasure horse. In addition, we promote the understanding of the breed and continue to assist and purchase other top quality Arabians who have found themselves in unfortunate situations or may be misunderstood and therefore headed for an ill fate.

We love all Arabians, but particularly we have discovered the inherent and natural beauty, athleticism, temperament, conformation and strong bodies of the Polish and Crabbet lines. Our herd is the center of attention and loved every day by our family, friends and visitors. Our young horses are able to "be a horse." We utilize positive methods in training when the horses are mature enough.

Quality, not quantity.You will find yourself at the end of a long journey for a quality Arabian horse when you have purchased a Journey's End Classical Arabian.

For the Love of the Breed

One of the most extraordinary and rewarding journeys you will ever undertake will be the finding, purchasing and ownership of an Arabian horse. No other horse can match it for beauty, intelligence, athleticism and devotion.


Our services include selective breeding, Discovery & Mentor Program, Rescue & Rehabilitation of Arabians and also Leasing horses to supplement our programs. We offer to help you begin your journey since we participate in the following programs offered through the Arabian Horse Association of America:

Discovery Farms
You’ve never had the opportunity to see an Arabian up close and personal? Then our Discovery Farms Program is for you. Our farm is part of a farm visitor program where you and your family can get acquainted with and experience an Arabian horse firsthand.

Our Mentor Network
This program is designed to let you tap into the knowledge and expertise of experienced Arabian enthusiasts. Through personal contact with our horses, you can learn more about the Arabian breed, expand your riding into new disciplines, become involved in local activities or learn about such areas as breeding, training and instruction. The Mentor Network is a great way to develop a successful, fulfilling relationship with the Arabian horse.

Please visit our site now and afterewards feel free to contact us for a hands-on tour to experience the Distinctive Arabian Horse!


Carol and Brooke Jaillet
Journey's End Classical Arabians
Groton, Massachusetts
(978) 448-3177

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