My favourite links

The following links are United and soccer related, also just some interesting or handy links.

Barry leemings excellent page
Rob Duries United pages
Mike Murphy's red devils
Lisa Bailey's United pages
Latest Results
Carlingnet Uniteds page
Soccernet's United page
Red hot news from OT
Thomas Olsens United page
Paul Busby's United information page
Steves MANU page
The official United page
The fabulous MANU IRC page
Uppercuts Shrine to MU
Red Devils webstation
Soccernet's Red Devils
Soren's KING'S page
David Menashe's United Pages
Peter(MR United)Hargreaves Home Page
A South African's United page

Perth Glory my other team

The Internet Soccer Fans Association
FA Carling net
The official FIFA page
2500 Soccer links
European cup page

Yahoo search engine
Beyond the black stump
Adrian's page of Football and other collectables
Sportszine all the sport you need
All you ever wanted to know about OZ
Check out my home town PERTH Australia
Check ot my favourite dog MALAMUTES
Great help page for web page design and graphics
Chill out take a break in the Carribean
Electronic Telegraph
Animated gif page
Fancy e-mail addresses such as

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