Blue Birds

The Eastern Bluebird

Aside from The Purple Martin, Blue Birds are a favourite bird of mine. Each year my wife Teri and I anticipate the arrival of these beautiful birds, and watch closely as they feather their nests and raise their young.

The Eastern Blue Bird is endangered to a degree. The main enemy is the common Sparrow. In fact the Sparrow is an enemy of most native North American species of bird. They are not native to our continent, and they are quite vicious and destructive. This year, my wife Teri and I started a "sparrow control program", which is to say that we leave the nests intact, and throw the eggs out on a regular basis to at least try and put a dent in the reproductive habits of these destructive, dominant birds.

If you haven't already done so, please consider this as a method for Sparrow control around your home. If you do, before long, native birds may return to your land and you'll be pleased with what you see.

Now, let us discuss the issue of Housing.

First of all, Bluebird housing does not have to be fancy. It needs to be sturdy, and practical. I build bluebird boxes from scrap I pick out of the garbage. I've never understood the concept of cutting down trees to build bird houses. I make simple front opening boxes, with a 1.5" hole. App. 5" square and 8" high. I don't use a slanted roof, but you can if you like.

The main thing is to make sure you get the wood from scrap if at all possible. You must also be diligent. When you hear a bluebird, or see a pair on a box, then you'll need to keep an eye out for them. If sparrows attack, they'll leave.

Here are some links for Bluebird housing:

1. Eastern/Western Bluebird Nest Box Plans

2. Top-opening Mountain Bluebird Nest Box Plans

3. Gilwood Nest Box Plans

Here are some Blue Bird photos. These are beautiful images of the second nesting of the year.

copyright 2001 by Herb Walsh

copyright 2001 by Herb Walsh

copyright 2001 by Herb Walsh

copyright 2001 by Herb Walsh

Some good Bluebird links follow:

1. The North American Bluebird Society Website

2. New York State Bluebird Society

3. Matt's Eastern Bluebird Page

4. Environment Canada's Bluebird page. All around great website for birding in general.

5. The Ellis Farm Bluebird Website. Outstanding resource.

6. Watch The Prairie Website. Great Canadian Prairie Bluebird information website.

NOTE: THE ABOVE IMAGES ARE COPYRIGHT 2001 by Herb Walsh. Absolutely NO reproduction, or use of any kind without written permission.
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