Welcome to Jurgen's Place.
Hi everyone, I have finally found the motivation to redo my webpage.  This page has been designed with friends of Bill W. and the disabled in mind. I am a bi-lateral bk amputee since January 1998. The link "Are you disabled" shows my current prostheses. Friends of Bill W., the link  on the right,  has loads of good information.

Dare to Dream!

Choose a wish, find a dream,
Pick a wishing star;
Let your hopes and spirits soar, high and free and far.

Reach for the unreachable,
stretch to touch the sky;
Know no dream you treasure
is too far away or high.

Believe in the impossible,
then work and try and do --
For only those who dare to dream can make a dream come true!

Enjoy your life, you only get to live it once.

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