Phrases, Quotes, and Sayings

Although many pages have a "quotes" section, this one is not what you think. We all know that if we so desire we can look up any quote from TV shows or movies. This section deals with Phrases, quotes, and sayings made *outside* of the show in reference to it or some quotes that I've just plain twisted into something totally bizzare! Some are funny, while others are just plain strange. Some are things I've heard said, and other's I've thought up myself (scary!). Enjoy!

"If the Truth is out there, where is the false?"
Possible answer: "In here?"

(sign on telephone pole) "G-sale"
(my thought) Oh, a sale of used FBI agents!

(quote) "I can only hope, old sage, that my heartfelt thanks will keep you warm while you are frozen in carbonite for the next 10 yrs..."
(This has *something* to do with Star Wars, I just wish I knew what!)

"Darth Vader, only you could be so bold. The Imperial senate will not sit still for this!"
(Egad! He helped finance Poke'mon! Talk about evil!)

"Anger, fear, agression. The darkside are they."
(You forgot Barney.)

VADER: "*I* am your..."
(Third cusion's, best friend, college roomate.)

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