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I'm laid up after knee surgery while hubby looks after the munchkin (a lot has happened since high school huh?) So I began poking around the net again at old fanfic and MiSTings and found some old, but still current sites. Also, it appears that people actually still *read* this page, along with some spammers (what the hey?!). That's really cool, and it's nice to know that even though I have a life, there's enough traffic to make updating worthwhile. Basically, that there's *any* traffic...even the spammers.

ClickHERE for a brief rundown of the vocabulary used by X-Philes, fanfic writers, and MiSTers! This is for all you newbies (a new fan to the show) out there.

Whew! This page is getting long. Yes, I'm actually alive and really do update this page!
BIG update in the works. Fairly large re-model too. Keep checking back! :)

My Stuff
I have a really cool class where we work with making photos and stuff on the computer. So here is some of the stuff I've *made*!

X-Files movie poster
A Collage I guess
This one is not your everyday collage, actually it's what a really cool poster would look like if I got the chance to take photos. Origionally I wanted M and S to be back to back with their arms crossed looking rather serious, and have CSM's shadow (smoking a cig of course) being cast on the poster..but hey! Ya gotta work with what ya have!
Alien Agents
This was my "make a wacky picture assignment", hee, hee, hee..I'll bet my teacher didn't expect this!

**Not My Stuff (but still funny!)**

Not mine, but I found it funny none-the-less.
Elrond in the Matrix
Nazgul Band
A saxophone...figures.
Star Trek Insomnia
Solving insomnia in Star Trek.
Star Trek: The Mothership Episode
Our fearless crew come face to face with the mothership!

With the loss of Website Number 9, a good group of MiSTings is becoming harder and harder to find, so I have started archiving my old favorites along with my own. For those of you who are interested, I have a link to Stephan Ratliff's site below in the "Links" section.

Read it if you dare! Muwahahahahaaa!

Fielders Assist
First was a fanfic, realized that it would make more sense as a script, ended up as my final for Cinematic Visions. Who says school isn't fun? Document form for Windows due to formatting. Mulder and Scully investigate Ray's "Field of Dreams"(tm). Takes place immediately after the movie (FOD). No spoilers for XF, most likely season 6. Rated G
Click here for the text version
Fanfic Gone Awry
Mulder, Krychek, an Oreo cookie and a fanfic gone horribly wrong! Rated PG
The Band
Mulder and Scully investigate a high school pepband. Rated G
Time Zones
A SW, ST:TNG, and XF crossover! Rated PG
Heat Wave
Mulder and Scully investigate the warm weather we've been having in Minnesota. Rated G
Mulder, Scully and Cancerman play that "Hilarious bluffing game."(tm?) Rated G
It's One of Those Nights
Scully has a rather odd night. Rated G
After seeing the promo for the new X-Files ep and hearing CSM say "Fox I am your father." I *had* to write this! Rated G
Take Me Out to the Ball Game
The annual Bureau softball game! Rated G Note: This story may be hard to understand (and therefor boring) if you do not play softball or baseball.
UPDATED VERSION:The Nutshell Files: Jose Chungs From Outer Space
The episode of Jose Chungs From Outer Space in spoof mode. I'm not sure how funny you'll find it but...Rated PG
There is an X-Phile (or two) in the Basement Office
Does anybody remember there is a Yankee in King Arthur's Court? What happens when two X-Philes show up in the Basement Office? Rated PG

(Damages to computer equipment do to the sudden spray of liquids are not claimed by the author. You have been warned.)

All I need to Know I learned from Watching Star Wars: The Phantom Menance.
A list of things my cousin and I came up with after seeing The Phantom Menance.
Answering Machines...
What would the answering machines of X-File characters sound like? See my version here!
Band Wars
The opening scrawl of the Star Wars movies (ANH, ESB, ROTJ) rewritten for band...
In the words of...
Is the glass half empty, or half full and others in the words of SW, ST:TNG,XF characters!
Just fun lists; Things to do on a turbolift and the like.
May the Farce be with you
Summary? Er..don't ask. Just read it.
Phrases, Quotes, and other Sayings
The title says it all, in reference to SW, XF, and ST.
A few rules of thumb for movies.
Roads Not Taken
UPDATED 12/01/99
Some of the X-Files Mulder and Scully didn't have time for.
How to survive School
Top Ten lists on How to Survive School as a "Warrior", "Phile", and "Trekkie".
Classes you might find at the Starfleet Acadamy
What type of courses would Starfleet Acadamy have?
You know you're an X-Phile when...
UPDATED: 3/26/02
Some ways to tell if you've become an X-Phile!


3 Dog Night's Joy to the World X-Files style!
I can't imagine anyway you can view this without downloading it as it's a movie with music type file. Also, this is a large file! You have been warned. I haven't heard it in ages, but I seem to recall it being pretty amusing. It's basically Joy to the World with XF clips. If you don't trust me or my server, you can also try to find it at the website of the gal who made it. But your on your own there. I can't remember! Tho. It might have been this one:

Umm, you'll have to provide your own music for these. (Disclaimer: The origional songs don't belong to me. I do not know who they belong to...but whoever you are please don't sue.)

At the Begining
To: At the Begining. Song with clips from the series as a kind of finale to the whole.
The Cigarette Man
To: 98 Degree's: "Invisible Man"
Everybody's free (to use the Force)
To: Everybody's free (to wear sunscreen)
The Truth is Out There...
To: Hakuna Matata
Battle Hymn to the Federation
To: Battle Hymn of the Republic
The Twelve Days of Star Wars
To: The Twelve days of Christmas.
Scully got Abducted by the Aliens
To: Grandma got Run Over by a Reindeer
T'was the Night Before Yavin...
Not strictly a "song", but...

Hyper to any of these locations!

Foxtrot offical website!
Laugh at the crazy adventures of the Fox household. For those of you sci-fi buffs, check out Jason, the X-File, Star Wars, Highlander, Physics and Math Major. Wish I knew all that stuff at 10yrs!
The Gossamer Archive!
The ultimate in X-Files fanfic!!!!
Band Laughs
My other webpage. An attempt to compile all of that band humor out there onto one website. Find your fav. instrument jokes and how to tell if you've been in the band too long!
Stephen Ratliff!
For those of you not in the know, Stephen Ratliff has apparently maintained his webpage and even has updates! Cool stuff! I was excited to see it (which probably means I need to get off the pain meds. lol.) Seriously though, it was nice to see.
Since the loss of Website Number 9, this is probably one of the best sites to still find MiSTings in a large quantity.
Blatant Crap-tacularness
One cannot be told what Tabitha's webpage is, one must experience it!

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