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M151A1 cowl. This is a donor vehicle for the rebirth of a M151A2. The spot welds are drilled out and the frame is left to be cut. Sorry about the picture quality but its all I have.
Here is the A1 front frame and cowl after it has been cut off.
Xmsn mount crossmember(1) and both left and right formed box channels (2) and (replacement of) reinforcement plate (3) will be removed by grinding down to mating flange surfaces. This will allow a "slide in" splice of the frame with all original mating surface areas intact that can be respotwelded.
Note how the M151A2 tub was demilled, the cowl and frame were cut off following the contour of the firewall. 3/16 steel plate had been welded over top of these surfaces which has been removed. The red diagonal lines show the area to be removed (both sides) to allow frame splice to insert the frame on the inboard channel side.
This is area #2 in above pic after the outside channel has been removed. Note the area that mates with the spotweld flange. (shiny) It will now be sandblasted and treated with cold galvanizing compound.
Firewall has been sandblasted and treated with cold galvanizing compound. New dimmer switch recessed housing welded in and note the cutout of inside frame channel for splice. The recess in the center and upper and lower original flanges are the spotweld surfaces.
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End view of cowl and frame splice section. Sandblasted and treated with cold galvanizing compound. The cowl reinforceing plate has been replaced. (arrow)
This is the right side outside channel lap plate. At the point where the frame was cut, a 45 degree angle exists, outward and then back. The lap joint had to do the same to lay flat. (red lines) The portruding extension will mate with the outside of the cowl/frame splice.
Left side lap plate 3/16 steel, lines show bends in plate
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