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Homewrecker...here's why!
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Well, it has taken most of my spare time and attention but isn't grounds for divorce...yet!
After running a fine Autozone motor for the extended life of 18,000 miles..it gave up! I had it towed and set out of the way until time and money were available to fix it and hopefully fix it right. (See 454 swap). Finally one day (time and money did not come available) I decided it was time to move the 8000lb beast to a area of prominance and respect. This required pulling it up a 50 degree incline for a distance of 100 ft.
         All I had in the way of Prime Movers was a 83 Toyota 4x4 pickup (borrowed at that!). I quickly set about planning how this would be accomplished, anticipating lots of spinning wheels on gravel. The first priority was to keep the vehicle blocked at all four wheels to prevent it from "getting away" from me. Then I attached a snatchblock to a tree in a strategic location and connected the winch cable running under the truck thru the back to the snatchblock and to the Toyota.

Then a little rock-rock-rock=momentum. Rock-rock-rock=momentum and wella a whole 4 feet! And then the important part: set the brake and block the wheels. I repeated this procedure until the truck arrived at its resting place about 50 degrees and 40 ft in front of my loghome. (well looks like one to me!) This took awile but the important thing is I succeded in moving it to where I needed it to breath new life into it once again. A final blocking of the wheels and I'm done. Well not quite, I need it two more feet back up over a tree root.

The next morning with an hour and a half to spare before leaving for work, I decided to go the extra two feet. Rock-rock-rock-rock-rock-rock-umh-rock-rock-huh? whoops OH GOD NO!  The cable clamp slipped and 8000lbs went down the hill at I would guess 30mph and the results are captured for all to see. If you are wondering, yes I did not block the wheels this final time. The results could have been worse (the cat recovered from his deep mornin sleep atop the couch about two days later!) But I learned a valuble lesson I hope and that is ALWAYS BLOCK THE WHEELS!
So not wanting to be left out of the NAME GAME at the M715 Zone I needed to come up with a name for my beloved M715. Guess what just popped into my head? Thats right HOMEWRECKER cause I know most WIVES are a little envious of the attention they receive and would picture them about like wrecking the home and most GUYS would picture it about like this...wrecking the home!
Fortunately mine just said you better get that fixed!
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