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M715 Kaiser Jeep w/Chev 454(swap) page 2
This is a view of the modified xmsn cover and NV4500 gearshift. The PTO levers are not installed, but will go to the rear of the cover.
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Clearence is about 1.5 inches from water pump shaft to radiator. Airconditioning compressor for later a/c modification and comfort of better half and vacumn pump for..uh...uh, anybody know what these are for? I want an air compressor that fits exactly into this mounting location with serpentine pully. Any engineers up to the challenge?
This is the left and right  engine mount installation viewed from the rear. The yellow arrows show the GM FWD crossmember mount bracket. Note the two bolts that are bolted into the perpindicular angle that portrudes from the frame plate. The red arrows show the fabricated mount of 1/4 inch steel. Note the horizontal angle that the assemby rests on.
The bracket on the left had to be modified so the steering shaft could be installed.
The red arrow shows the fabricated corner and cap angles. The yellow is the GM crossmember bracket. The white line shows the maximum clearance level
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