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Welcome to The History Of War homepage. We just got a forum up, so be sure to come back often and help us get the forms rolling! This page revolves around the study of warfare throughout history, both present and past.

Among the topics you will find here are wars, battle formations, weapons, casualty reports, leaders, uniforms, heroes, maps, division names, and much more for every major war in history.  The entire site is cut up into two parts.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for the creation, maintenance, and liveliness of this website!  Please, if you are at all interested in the history of warfare, help us make this website a valuable resource for others on the web!  We need people to write articles for us, research, make reports, create and maintain our website, and run our club.  ALL WRITER’S WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED (unless inappropriate).  For more information, please do not hesitate to visit our forums above and post your article. If it is factual, we'll post it on our site! –thanks, Joe

New newsletters are always being created. To know what is printed and what's not, look at the color of the hyperlink. Pages marked in blue are up, in black are not yet up.

The History Of War website has a newsletter for every major war in history. The list on the left is in chronological order. Newsletters always include but are not limited to the topics of battles, battle formations, weapons used, uniforms, leaders, and statistics for each war. If you want us to send you our quarterly newsletter, fill out the form below.

The History Of War Club is design for anyone who loves to learn about warfare.  For more information, look at the top-left of this page. Club members are a very active part of this site. They help make the newsletter, discuss various aspects of warfare, and even help manage the site. To join the club, click on "join."

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7.31.01-The History Of War is opened for the first time.

1.20.02-The club is finally open, and progress on our first newsletter, The American Revolution begins.

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