These are a few of my favourite links involving poultry.

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Australian Poultry Forum, A forum for all things poultry and other birds.Fantastic advice and friendly people.Also have a for sale and wanted section.

Backyard Poultry.A great website for poultry keepers.Also has a fantstic forum.

Backyard Chickens.An American site with lots of info, huge forum and a chatroom.

Duckin Crazy.A friendly little forum about all things ducks.Just getting started but growing by the day.

Caladenia cottage.Great website for silkies and Pekins.

Tribe Of Honk Poultry A great website of a breeder with high quaility poultry and waterfowl.

Telemnar Rare Poultry.A great site for Belgian d'Uccles,Faverolles & Wyandottes.

Tahir's Peafowl & Phesants, great little site with some great info and pics.

Peacocks Australia.A great website from breeders of Peafowl.phesants,pekins,silkies,mandarin ducks,mallards,guinea fowl and more.Awesome photos!

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