Japanese Bantams

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Japanese bantams also known in many parts of the world as Chabo.

It is thought they originated in Southeast Asia, where it is still raised today. Japanese Bantams began to appear in Japanese art around the year 1635. Also, it appears in Dutch art of the same era.

The very word "chabo" originates in Java as chabol, where it means "dwarf" and applies both to humans, and to the short-legged Chabo chicken.

In Japan, the word would drop the "L," as no speaker of Japanese would be inclined to pronounce it.

The main characteristics of Japs are as follows, Upright tail feathers carried in elegance behind the head. The tail must not slope backwards as in common fowl but should stand up above their heads.

Legs must be short and featherless.

Big wings of which the tips are very close to the ground

The body should be well-rounded and broad, with a very short back showing between neck and tail hackles.

They make great pets for small gardens but care must be taken that these little guys are not kept on wet grass or ground. Their lovely wings touch the ground and will become soiled easily and the birds will get cold and may chill.

They do come in a huge range of colours including white,black tailed white,black tailed buff,blue,black and red-brown.

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