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Happyhenz poultry pals are located in an outer suburb of Canberra.

We keep a couple of differant breeds of chickens as well as cross bred layers and two breeds of ducks.

Our poultry is kept mainly as pets and the eggs they give us are a bonus.

The birds are free to roam the yard most of the day and sleep locked up safely at night.

They are fed on a well balanced diet of scratch mix and layer pellets and household scraps.As well as greens and the bugs and things they find while they are out.

Most of them have names and all have very differant attributes, that's what makes them so special.

This year we have focused on obtaining our foundation birds for each breed. Next year we will be busy breeding our poultry so others can share our joy of perfect backyard poultry pals.

Babies will be available to approved, safe homes.

Eggs may also be available.

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