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indian summer
the halloween jack-o-lantern
warm to the touch

~David Wood


Leaves rain from the trees,
In all their autumn glory,
Amber, rust and bronze.

~Jessica Chambers


Apple tree boughs bend
From her heavy red ripe fruit
Mauve clouds move behind

~Michelle Montgomery


empty church
after the funeral
the scent of lilies



fresh sawdust
once shady spot

~David Wood


a frigid daybreak
snow crunching underboot
recalls childhood past
~David Wood


snow covered front lawns
a clear contrast evident
streets are damp but clear
~David Wood


dawn run
breathless at the hilltop
I meet the sun
~David Serjeant


with rhythm of wind
are dancing leaves and shadows
a trick of the spring
~Jasminka Nadaskic Diordievic



Ocean waves slapping
bring a treasure in for me
secrets never told



Wind blowing briskly
Quietly moving the boat
Filling up the sails


Howling at the moon
Like a windy night in this
ever lonely place
~Austin miller

P.S. I am a seventh grader at Lolo Middle school in LOLO, MONTANA

The moon on the lake
gliding along by my side
tripped over ripples
-- Johannes Manjrekar

highland paradise ...
rhododendrons keep forest
encroachment at bay
-- Richard Stevenson


Western Red Cedar ...
so shaggy next to the firs
sheds rain to the roots
-- Richard Stevenson


between islands now
wind softer, the lapping waves
re-tune my breathing
-- Richard Stevenson


an October stroll
the shadow of mom's cane
bends over cobblestones
~by an'ya

dark'moon poetry

the watercolors
paint the sky in a rainbow
colors fill the sky


sky of splendid flames
a showy gift from heaven
living portrayal
~sara barnes


reflection of hope
placed on the waters image
by the auburn trees
~sara barnes


a ray of sunlight
peeking through the darkest clouds
brings joy to my heart
~sara barnes


rivers run colder
as flowing waters deepen
refreshing current
~sara barnes


lazy palms leaning
reaching for the beauty of
blue translucent sea
~sara barnes


deep mirrored waters
reflecting auburn timber
duplicate beauty
~sara barnes


rainbow of colors
filling the air and water
with mirrored contrast
~sara barnes

a field so rich
from the wealth of fragrances
I go barefoot
~Jasminka Nadaskic Diordievic


summer afternoon
the scent of evergreens
slowly spreading
~Jasminka Nadaskic Diordievic


looking at the sky
dandelions with haircuts
oh, that wind, that wind
~Jasminka Nadaskic Diordievic


stamp embers melt boots
crunch charcoal boys chase smoke wraiths
among blackened trunks
~John Durgavich


Falls of water crash
ever changing with seasons
faithful to its path
~Sara Barnes


Echoes of nature
what is the song you repeat?
Music for my soul.
~Sara Barnes


step down in motion
flowing descent of diamonds
showering the sun


splitting in the arms
of bare maple trees
ferocious wind

~Yvonne Cabalona

Lacy drops of snow
sparkle on a pristine sheet;
sing a silent song.

~Shoshana Kurzweil

Last dry drifting leaf,
completes Autumn's bright pallette;
brushes waiting ground.

~Shoshana Kurzweil

On the kelly carpet,
fragile flowers lift their heads,
catching summer warmth.

~Shoshana Kurzweil

Autumn moves my heart,
painting the world with rich hues.
Brisk winds call winter.

~Shoshana Kurzweil

splashing time away
through the waves of sound and space
many moments gone

1/1/00 pka

sunlight in my room.
illumination, erased
if i close my heart.
~will reed


Cassidy Bayou
frozen in ice. cypress trees
deep, deep in snow.
~will reed


only these few leaves
swirling around the driveway
give shape to the wind
~John Sheirer

Vi a un niño y sandia solo sangraba
cuando el
la mordia


Con gran sosiego solo camino
me regicijo


The happy scarlet
leaves of that tall tree say hi
to the steel gray sky.
~Robert Alison Foor


Autumn night --
Puddles by the wayside
filling with stars.
~Zoran Doderovic


held by unseen wind
the sun given life of air
bend trees, grasses, I
~Rich Whitmeyer


Ice on my window
Old man winter quickly comes
Leaves drop in brown drifts.


narrow asphalt strip
squeezed by suburb and highway
trees shade the cyclist
~John Durgavich


deep in the cold rock
Earth is recording the ages
time solidified
~Dave Krantz


Bright yellow trumpets
daily herald spring sunshine
daffodils of joy
~Art Hall

The honeysuckle
Does not know that it should not
Breach my neighbor's fence
~Alecia N. Conner

sky gathers hot breath
smell of the oncoming storm
...coffee on the porch.
~sarah marie

 The crocous are first
to brave the lingering cold
Sentries of The Spring

Pollution so thick
it lingers on his taste buds
not soon forgotten.
Pacheetah @aol.com

Cold winds off the lake
keeping springtime warmth at bay
teases us too long.
Pacheetah @aol.com

Poor George Square statues
they can't smell the hyacinth
blooming at their feet.
P.S. George Square is the main public square in Glasgow.

lavender and pink
garden beauty wrapped in green
perennial charm

growth of each new day
awaken dormant spirit
from winter repose

by Gloria Bostic

Ever changing light
Moonbeams dance upon the sea
Passing cloud will hide
~Barbara Allsebrook

"Poetry Parlor" at:

spring cleanin'
watching all the dust
rise to make motes fly upward
cleaning in the spring

clouds tickle the sky
while sun kisses the mountains
natural embrace
~ Nicole S. Porter
The Sunburst
Poetry Forum

rain mists gently
giving life to the lifeless
sapphire oxygen
~Nicole S. Porter
The Sunburst
Poetry Forum

lavender heavens
in majestic mystery
paint my springtime sky
~Gloria Bostic

still quiet evening
white lawns reflecting moonlight
peaceful winter calm
~Gloria Bostic

The following haiku were written by a 7-8th grade English language learners' social studies class. They are using haiku to help them learn about Thanksgiving and the pilgrims coming to America. They will be viewing this site at their computer lab at school. Good job, kids!

Bows, arrows behind
with English Europeans
for the New World.

Yellow Feather was
born, 1590, village
Bristol, Rhode Island

Pilgrims celebrate
the first thanksgiving feast set
in America.

Mayflower Compact
disagreements between
Indians, Pilgrims.

Southern colonies
grow food, rice, and other crops.
They had warm weather.
~Maria M.

Pilgrims' Thanksgiving
peace treaty with Massasoit
Pilgrims had friendship.

South Carolina
religious prosecution
rice and tobacco.

Many people eat,
celebrate first Thanksgiving
by eating turkey.

Massoit remained
with English Europeans
to eat turkey.

Pilgrims trip: cold, damp
danger, fire, food, weather
trip took many days.

Yellow Feather born
in village Pokamoket
near present day home.

La Nina, Pinta
La Santa Maria went
to America.

Columbus' sailors
discover America

Pilgrims left England
Squanto and Samoset friends
children spoke in Dutch.

On September 6,
1620, the pilgrims
sailed for the New World
~Maria B.

The first Thanksgiving
colonist needed Pilgrims
freedom, religion.

Pilgrims celebrate
American Thanksgiving
feasting on turkey.

Pilgrims left England
Squanto and Samoset helped
children speaking Dutch.

Massasoit, tribe chief
celebrated Thanksgiving
Wampanoag tribe.

Squanto learned from the
English and Captains of ships
spoke better English.

teacher: Prodancer1@aol.com

leaves on the pavement
Mother Nature put them there
then come the machines
Cat's Fire Site Page

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C) it must be about nature or animals (folklore & fantasy animals accepted)except for the "Thoughts and Observations" page

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For a great article on Haiku, please visit this page:
where you will find the article:
Contemporary Haiku:
Origins and New Directions

by A.C. Missias

Volume II, Issue 1; © 2000 Perihelion

"So, what characterizes a haiku today? This is not an easy question to answer.
Certainly, the majority of haiku currently written in English do not conform
to the 5-7-5 syllable pattern typical in Japanese, nor do they always concern
nature topics; however, all of these divergences are matters of ongoing debate
within the haiku community. I will attempt to touch on some of those issues
here, but even more I will try to give you a sense of the 'haiku aesthetic'
which unifies the form across time, language, and culture.
Haiku is more than a form of poetry; it is a way of seeing the world. Each
haiku captures a moment of experience; an instant when the ordinary suddenly
reveals its inner nature and makes us take a second look at the event, at
human nature, at life. It can be as elevated as the ringing of a temple bell,
or as simple as sunlight catching a bit of silverware on your table; as isolated
as a mountain top, or as crowded as a subway car; revelling in beauty or
acknowledging the ugly. What unifies these moments is the way they make us
pause and take notice, the way we are still recalling them hours later, the
feeling of having had a momentary insight transcending the ordinary, or a
glimpse into the very essence of ordinariness itself." the rest

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