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the Visual

A phantasmagoria of wildly imaginative creations adorn the "miles" of cyber corridors comprised by "the Visual Galleries". While the galleries are arranged as a function of events, the vast majority of the images are just good old fashioned "Dubya mockery", not perishable and quite suitable for all occcasions..

the Campaign Galleries
the Recount Galleries
the Post SCOTUS Galleries
the Bush Inauguration Galleries
the One Hundred Days Galleries
the Honeymoon's End Galleries
the Big Vacation Galleries
Categorized Images and Banners
Post 9/11 Galleries

the Specialty

The specialy galleries are where multi-media masters get down to brass tacks. Here you will find a variety of content from flash animation, tremendous animated *.gifs and even a bountiful harvest of original music selections complete with auditory accompanyment in mp3 and midi formats.

the Specialty Galleries

the Miscellanea

The Miscellanea Galleries host a cornucopia of content to fulfill your senses and enrich your life. You can let it fly at the message board, find vendors selling shirts, read up on some of Dubya's hypocrisy, links and much much more! There is also a special gift for each visitor at the free software section. The abundantly talented "Q" has designed and made available the "GWBush Art Video Eyepiece" for viewing video files from your desktop. It is our way of saying thanks for visiting.

the Miscellanea Galleries

fire off a few thoughts, send in creations, ask questions, make suggestions...

Hey, I think I'll go to the store.. Hey, I think I'll go to the store.. Hey, I think I'll go to the store..

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