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This site is dedicated to you, Grandma, will all my love.
Mary Lucille Naniot
April 22, 1928 ~ February 4, 2006

Some are drawn to the darkness, Others to the light. Who are we to say Which way is wrong And which is right? Why must the darkness be Wicked, hollow, and cold When serenity is often found Quiet and alone, Where private thoughts unfold Even in the darkness There often shines a light A candle, moon, or star Glistening not far away Shining through the night As the rain begins to fall And the storm beings to sing So many run for shelter Pray take away the dark Forsake this blessed thing Take away the darkness! Take away the storm! Leave me with the light, Safe when I can see Safe and not forlorn I pray thee take My hand Be strong and learn to trust For in the darkness A child begins to grow, And grow, My child, you must

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