Night Shadows






We’re still alone here . I celebrate it . Not noise, not whispers,

 no intromissions… Just you and I .

 Please, take me in your arms, and make me fell alive,

 one more time…





In the middle of the night, covered by half-light shadows, and sweet

sounds floating (this time is the radio) , the ritual was started…


In silence, he takes in his hands that so nice, so pretty, dearest face,

looking tenderly, kissing him again, long and strongly ; as if this was

the last time that he makes it in the life…and smile because still he’s

here.  That emerald eyes, brighten, luminous, full of stars, full of

love, looks him… and returned the smile.


            Nobody knows it ,  that you got a secret smile ,

                                   and you only , uses for me .


Egon ran a hand by the soft sweet brown curled hair, and kiss the neck,

whispered into his ear…


“Oh darling; light of my life; my everything…I swear, I’ll give all that

  you want of me…”    , a sweet light tenor voice says …


“…and you, dear, what do you want…?”


“I want you, entirely ; completely ; plenty ; forever…”


They’re fallen into a deep hugh, and a soft gently

kiss sealed their lips.

Undressed both mutually; clothes were down into the floor

and when stayed almost naked, the blond was wondered by

the view in front of him ; it’s more beautiful than  was waited :

if Peter was live in the Renaissance, Michellangelo was been

inspired in he, for to sculpture his celebrated “David”.


“I’m so fortunate, so happy, that you want me, pretty boy ;

 I don’t find the words for glad to the life, everything all you

 give me. I…” , a finger posed gently in his mouth…


“…Thanks, very thanks for your love, sweetheart ; I’ll never

  forget it, I’ll never leave you, never…a long time ago, you

  believed, trust  and gave me everything  than I could desire

  in a man… you’re so pretty nice too, know you?  and I’m

  so glad for you love me. I really give thanks for it…”


“Oh, babe…”  , and then, Egon put down on his knees, embrasshing

  Pete’s legs, and cried…this one put down too, and kissed his

  white-blond hair, very emotioned…





Peter kissed Egon’s neck, hungerly, hardly, lovely…bitted the pecs

and the nipples, tasting the sweet flavour of his beloved skin…

ran a hand by the stomach, up and down, slowly, softly, pleasant ;

the blond was excited each minute, and suddenly, put on  Pete

over the floor, turned back, and begin thurst hard against him ;

in the same time, covered with the left hand his lover’s erection,

giving him a tender, soft sweet massage, pleasantly ; deep breaths

is crossing the air…

Pete moves rhythmically, then intensity, wildly, lost his mind in

a sea of pleasure, as never imaginated…it’s too much, still for he,

an ardent guy…


“…oh, dear…I love you, I love you ; make me feel you again and

  again, how only you can do it…oh, yes, yes, yes…!”  , and

a almost scream was listened into the shadows nights…



And then both collapsed.




Few moments later, rested their bodies, leaned in a old rug that was in

the floor, whispering sweet words of love; clucklings and smiles…

they was happy, really happy.  They can’t desire more than this.






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