There's No Justice In The World...




"I never imagined that this could happen to me... for the first time I discover everything I have inside,

 and I find it in the middle of a battlefield. I can't be blamed if Janine fixated on me, I never gave her

 the slightest encouragement to do so...I don't want to hurt her, but I can't...I'll never love her..."

 Egon looked bitterly into the middle distance while Ray listened quietly.


"And it's not right, the things that Winston said. I'm not a man without feelings and principles.

  I don't want to laugh at Janine, it's not true! How could he say it?"


"You know that Winston is old-fashion sometimes." Ray said. "He thinks that a man can only be happy

 with a woman. For him, it's the only right way to be. He still believes that, even though he's known lots

 of people that chose the other way, he still doesn't agree with it...and he doesn't approve of your, ah,

 'affaire' with Peter."


 "Why is this his concern? I don't understand..."


 "Winston has seen how you rejected Janine in the past and he can't support that,

   because he loves her." Ray told him.


 "Why not tell 'her' that? "


 "He doesn't know how to...and he see that she loves you." Ray said.


 "But I-don't-love-her; this gives him the opportunity he needs. I hope that he goes for it

  and leaves us in peace." Egon distractedly ran a hand through his hair.


 "You'd prefer that? Peter to Janine?" <<This is what you are asking, right?>>


 "Yes. I love Peter and I'll stay with him the rest of my life. Is that too hard to understand?"

Spengler was exasperated. "If Janine and Winston begin a relationship it would be good

  for them both, don't you think?"


 The auburn hair boy nodded thoughtfully.


 "Some times I think that Winston hates us." Egon murmured.


 "Oh, no! Egon, he really admires you, but he doesn't accept this. I believed..."

Ray hesitates, wanting to continue, but not sure if he should. Finally he said…


 "Can I ask you a personal question, Egon?"




 "Do you love Peter, really?" ; surprised, Egon answered firmly,


 "More than my life, he's everything I own, I couldn't live without him.

  Why do you want to know this?"


 "Well, maybe he doesn't love you in the same way..."


 "Ray! How can you say that?" Egon lowered his eyebrows in dismay.


 "Don't be angry. It looks to Winston like Peter is only infatuated with you...

  wait a minute, let me finish! You know that Venkman pretends to be a bad boy,

  Pete's vain, very vain. Of course he's got reason to be." Ray added slyly,


 "He's a handsome man, a gorgeous guy, attractive to the most discerning

  of people, and that includes you!"


 Egon smiled a little at this, so Ray continued...


 "So maybe he's a little crazy some times, always wanting to be the center

  of attention. He's angry when he doesn't get top billing, but that doesn't

  mean that he's bad. He just comes across that way. But..."


"But what, Ray?" Egon asked gently.


 "Well, 'I' think deep down Peter is a romantic, sweet sad dreamer boy.

  A child heart looking, 'needing' affect, a lot of affection...

  'cause he's afraid to be alone, of not being 'in' enough, not being accepted.

  He needs to be trusted, respected, to love somebody and have that somebody

  love him back. Peter's perfectly capable of being faithful to this someone.

 Someone who has been fortunate enough to see into his soul, and accepted

 him as he is.  That person is you, Egon."


 The blonde ducked his head. He wanted to talk, but he had a lump in his throat.

 He cleared it with a cough and asked gravely...


 "What do I say? Do you know us so well? What do we do now..."


 "Well, for a start, don't worry about Janine, Winston, or the rest of the world ;

   you should just be yourselves. Peter needs you, and you need him. I don't care

   that you're gay, because you're my friends and the only wish that I have is that

   you're happy, together, in peace."


 Spengler smiled at the ground as he searched his mind to find the word to thank Ray

 for understanding, but he got no further than ...   "I..."


 "Come on, Egon...he's waiting for you." Ray pushes open the lab door and motioned him inside.


 Peter Venkman was indeed in the lab, crying for his lover, for himself, for the evil

 of the world... Egon looked at him achingly with his sky blue eyes, but before he went

 to him, he caught Ray's arm and gave it a little squeeze...


 "Ray, oh Ray, you're the best friend that we could ask for. I'm so glad that we have you.

  Thank you, Ray...thank you..." and pulled him into his arms for a grateful hug, tears of

  relief running freely down his face.




end. (c)2001



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