Into the heart of a music man .


                                   by Gry.




NOTE : The song’s little part transcripted here is the lovely “Waiting for a girl like

              you”, perfomed by Foreigner, from his great “4” , © 1981.

              obliviously, the “girl” was changed by “guy” … thanks.






A quiet afternoon… nobody’s in there…


It was listening music, in the last room of the firehouse.  Egon thoughs

that was the radio, but not… the sound could be heared until the lab, in

which he was in ;  he leaved his experiments, and went to the other

place.  Entered in there, and saw Peter sit down *playing* in his -------

keyboards, a pretty loved song (it means his favourite) .  His voice ----

(a very studied worked light-tenor voice) sounds inussually sweet…

In complete silence, Egon was sat down close to him (almost in front)

and listened…

I’ve waiting for a guy like you

to come into my life,

I’ve waiting for a guy like you

a love that will survive…


“He’s playing, and singing…!” , Egon though , “singing very well, ---

 his voice sounds so nice, pretty; so sweet, so loved…”


All the things that Pete said, in the house of his old friend Frank ,

            when he and the RGB were to realize a work, were true ; that he’s a

really ‘professional’ musician ; maybe he was began with this when

he was a teenager… if his college degrees wasn’t enough, this one .

Peter has too much many abilities that he wasn’t knew, until now : 

an abilities that Egon never had been have , and never he’ll

not have… (Wrong : he has TOO this ones, but the stricted educa—

tion that he was received avoided to develop this talents)…

Egon felt that his love for Pete was grown into his heart…


…I’ve waiting for someone  new

   to make me fell alive,

  Yeah, waiting for a guy like you

  to come into my life…


 Peter finished the song, and looking the blond , said ,


“Hi, dear, what’s up…”, he didn’t ends , because Egon was take him

 into his arms and kissed softly, very gentle, terderly, in the mouth…

then he took Pete’s handsome face with both hands, and asked…


“…Oh, my God; oh, Peter, Peter… How  I could be so blind? You ---

  shouldn’t be here ; you’re an artist…your real place is in a scenario,

  in front of hundred of fans, hearing you, not hunting dangerous ghosts:

  it is a hard, risky, unhappy work… Why you didn’t say nothing before,

  and just stayed here…? I didn’t know that you have too much beautiful

  things saved… Why didn’t say it, Why…?”  The answer was coming…


“Because I love you, and I want to stay with you, forever…”,that’s all…


They’re engaged in a tender embrace ; Egon kissed him again, this time

with passion; Peter’s emerald eyes shinned, and returned the kiss : then,

the white-blond ran his nose  by his neck, smelling, tasting, licking his ear,

and pourring like a cat ; Peter was trembling…he passed a hand by

the brown-curled shoulders, cherishing and kissing his chest, pecs; by

the waist… both partners were put their knees in the floor, continuing

their love realization, covered by the night shadows that beginning…


It’s late night in the firehouse…




‘I love you’


These three little words makes a great difference,

because you have been dispossed to do anything

for love, don’t you?

Well, that’s all I can say…




(c) 2000.