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A cat.


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Secrets of the heart.
Into a heart of a music man.
There´s not justice in the world.

Lament  (sequel of "Fight")

The last chance to  be free.

Slash Rated X ; NC-17
Night Shadows  (maybe PG-13)

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Portraits, funnies, ficpics.
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This is strictly a fan based site.  All characters are based on the ones created by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis.                   GHOSTBUSTERS is the property of Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, Columbia/Tristar/ DIC, and Sony.

       All rights reserved.

No infringement of copyright intended,  no money passed hands.




                This is a little tribute to the TV animated series (RGB),
                    who escorted us during the 80's and 90's , and until today,
                    still amazing us with the rich shades that they showed us.

                     As you can see, this is a slash page, in which we'll talk

                    about the love, with respect and seriousness. We will talk

                    about it in a good sense, because I think that love doesn't  

                     recognize differences.

Love is love, and nothing more.


           * Really thanks to everybody, who inspired, animated, helped
        and introduced me into this amazing and wonderful world,
                 in which all is possible... *















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