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Umm...is this thing on? YAY!

My name's Tanya, more commonly known on the Web as Gregora (assumed name and all mine as I had made it up) or as Tara (my character on my RP, Stargate Unleashed).

I'm a Stargate/Star Trek/Star Wars/Anime nutcake, I'm usually talking all about Star Trek or Stargate that my friends are really getting annoyed!

I'm currently trying to kick off my fan series based on my RP, Stargate Unleashed, and all info on the RP is on the homepage, so check it out!

I'm currently working on the Script for Episode 102: A Time To Live, A Time To Die and I've got the script for episode 103: Redemption set up, ready to change it.

Look up on my SGU series page for more details and I might take some pics and put up some funny moments when/if I start production.
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