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Hello, Graphing Calculator Friend!

If you have a graphing calculator (preferably a TI-83 or TI-83 Plus), some imagination, and some time to waste... THIS IS THE PERFECT WEBPAGE FOR YOU!!!

Just to introduce you, Graphing Calculator art, or a CALCdoodle, is
the end result of one or more equations displayed in the same coordinate plane. The equation(s) can resemble an object, animal, symbol, or be completely abstract (as it is the case with most of them).
Remember, you CANNOT use any of the DRAW functions in your CALCdoodle. All you must use is the Y= command and anything that may have an effect on the graph (ZOOM, MODE, that kind of stuff).

So are you ready to try your first CALCdoodle? All right, get your graphing calculator ready.
  (all commands performed on a TI-83 based calculator.)

First...   Go to MODE
Then...  select "
Pol" on the 4th line
             press "
Y=" on the top of the calculator   (you should get a page saying \R1= blinking cursor)
             press the 
" (-) " button   (At the right of  | ENTER |  )
             type "
10 "
        press the  " sin ( "    button
             press the  "
cos ( "    button
             press the "
tan ( "     button
            press the " X,T,Q,n " button

What you should have now is:

\R1 = 10sin(cos(tan(Q                
Just a note... I don't know how to get a theta sign here so it'll just a be Q (letter q)

Ready?? Press GRAPH!!!
Do you see it?? It's a butterfly! If you don't here are some reasons why this could be so:

      + Your zoom is not standard.
         Press "ZOOM" and Press "6"

      + Your modes are different.
         Make sure all MODE options are as follows (Normal, Float, Radian, Pol, Connected, Sequential, Real, Full)

      +You don't have the right equation.

       Make sure your Y= reads:     \R1 = 10sin(cos(tan(Q

                                                          ^ this equal sign should have a black box surrounding it. If not, move on top of
                                                             it and hit ENTER

Are you ready to try some more difficult ones??? Try our links at the top of the page and, most importantly, HAVE FUN WHILE CREATING YOUR OWN CALCdoodles!!!!! (and don't forget to send the cool ones so they can be displayed here)
"A great way to show off to your friends"
ABSTRACT Explanation
Bouncing BALL
Are you a CALCdoodle PRO???
Have some CALCdoodles you want to show off???

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and don't worry, you'll get all the credit)
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