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  • Proc File System Programming
    This article describes the Linux proc file system and how can you write a LKM (Loadable Kernel Module) to creat, read, and write in a proc file in order for a user-land programm to communicae with the Kernel, or the LKM via such file.
    Click here...

  • MySQL Cheat Sheet
    These are some common commands used in order to start/stop mysql server, create, dtelete, or edit database, table, field, etc..
    Click here...

  • Linux USB to Serial to Console NetScreen Firewall
    This is how I made my laptop can cosole an external device via a USB to Serial interface and using Minicom.
    Click here...

Simple Programs and Source Codes
  • GreenScreen
    A Linux based Advanced Syslog Server for Juniper NetScreen Firewalls - Can be expanded later to support other products. It can capture syslog messages, parse them, store them in a MySQL database. A Web GUI interface is also included.

  • EtherMan
    Ethernet Man In The Middle Attack Tool. It is capable of forcing traffic between two hosts to pass by a third party (MITM) and then redirected to its original destination again. This program is written for educational reasons, and I am not responsible for any misuse of it.

  • GMailRCS
    GmailRCS is a way to use your Gmail account as a lightweight Revision Control System (RCS) in order to backup and restore your different versions of your source code. The software is written in Python, using libgmail.

  • UTelnet
    This is a UDP Telnet like program, it can be used to send any custom UDP traffic with arbitrary payload. Click here to download the source code.

  • KFChat
    This is a simple chat programe written for windows platforms (I rarly code on windows). It is meant to be as an introduction to sockets programming. Actually it was our - a friend of me called Zein Wali helped in writing it - first sockets code after reading Brian "Beej" Hall's great tutorial
    Click here to download it.
    Also you can get Brian "Beej" Hall's tutorial from here

  • ArpPG
    This is a program to generate ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) packets, with spoofed IP and MAC addresses. Download the code and compile it.
    Compile: "gcc -o arpPG arppg.c -lnet", you have to have the libnet library to be able to compule it.
    Click here to download it.

  • Puzzle
    The famous 15 tiles in 16 places Puzzle Game,
    Click here to download it.

  • Dijkstra
    This program is used to compute the Dijkstra algorithm used in OSPF routing protocol. You have to enter the nuber of nodes in your network, and the states (metrics) of the links between them. And the algorith will find the shortest path th each node with respect to the origin (Node 0).
    Compile it: "gcc -o ospf ospf.c".
    Click here to download the code.

  • Signal 2
    This proggie demonstrates the use of the Unix Signal for Interrupts handeling.
    Compile it: "gcc -o Signal2 signal2.c".
    Click here to download the code.

  • Modulo
    This program is very helpful for doing many mathematical operations, especially for modular algebra. It is also a helpful tool for those who studiy public key cryptology.
    Compile: "gcc -o modulo modulo.c"
    Click here to download it.

  • myCapDump
    TEvery sniffer has a hex dump function in order to print the captured packets to the user, so this is a hex dump function I made ... myCapDump.c


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