Hey! Welcome to Viridian Gym 3! Its wonderful to see
                        you here. This is a twisted place full of odd points of views on
            Team Rocket/ Rocket Dan, distorted triva, and an......"odd" mix of nuts...if that sounds
         sane.  Anyway! Just a warning..some things said on this site may offend you. Some of these "odd
points of views" may have offensive content...we're very sorry..and if you are not "ok" with that...you should leave.

Thank you,
~Staff of VG3

ROCKET ART! art....

Rocket Art

"screwy, aint it?"
Dj tells ya what he thinks.

Rocket Thoughts

Pointless info on the rocket gang

Pointless Rocket Triva

places to go!


you can send why your pissed off...with whatever!

Damnit Pages

About the page. why'd we make it...


WHO THE HELL ARE WE? find out!


WHO THE HELL ARE WE? find out!


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