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This site is dedicated to "Goat Folks" our 78 Dodge van that took us cross country on Route 66.   Although Goat Folks is no longer with us, it will live forever on this site.   Below you will find links to the various pages on this site from the start when we found the van all the way up to the end of the trip.   Our van Goatfolks took us through 20 states and Canada on this trip.  All in all Goatfolks took us through 25 states during its reincarnated life with us.
Let Me See The Van!(whole Story)
- Finding Goat Folks
- Now Thats Rusty
- Lookin Good
Myrtle Beach/New Engine
-Vending At Grassroots
Take Me To The Mother Road
New Mexico
-Non  66 Below-
Going Home
Route 66 Links
Lets check out my VW Bus
Non Route 66 related but road trip oriented
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