I have a few people who are willing to make EIR Magazine a reality. (A disproportionately large numer of them are female-born, and I do want equal representation, but not at the cost of quality.)

What I don't have are writers, artists and photographers.  If you have written/ drawn/photographed, or are willing to write/draw/photo about any of the following, I NEED YOU.  (And these are just suggestions to get you going!)

-Anything about "doing" femininity
    (e.g. hair, makeup, the walk, the talk)
-Anything about "doing" masculinity
    (e.g. getting buff, the walk, body language, the clothes)
-Hiding [body part x]
-Creating/simulating [body part x]
-combining feminine and masculine attributes within style x (or styles x and y)
-Eliminating gender signifiers from image (in general, or in a specific style)

Gender AND--
race, class, ethnicity, language, family, work, ability,
(Gender isn't the end-all, be-all, but it sure permeates a lot of things.)


-Hormone tips (do's, don'ts)
-bulking up,
-toning "down"
-Feeling out of place in the gym because of sex/gender/health objectives
-how to defend oneself with decreasing upper-body strength
-How to know if someone is clocking you as male or female to know if someone is going to make a problem of it.


-GLB, Feminist, Transgender, Crossdressing, Transsexual related news, from anywhere in the world.  News or commentary.

~Of any faith, faiths or non-faith(s)~
-How the sex/gender of the deity(ies) in your faith(s) influence your view of yourself, your gender, your world
-How the teachings of your religion's modern institutions affect your view of gender
-How the holy book(s) of your belief system affect your views of gender
-How you can be [queer, feminist, trans, an ally] when the loud voices speaking for your faith condemns these thoughts and deeds

-Are FtMs "jumping ship" on feminist?
-Are MtFs guarding/restraining women?
-How are our [genderqueer, feminist' quests for gender equality/freedom the same?  Different?

...of recent books, movies, etc. of interest to anyone transgressively gendered.  Good or bad.
-Any takers for "Pinned Down by Pronouns" ?

Short of serial.  "PG-13" or cleaner.

Whether you made it, and you want to share it with the world, or you're commenting on someone else's, it is welcome here.

If you think of something else..
it's probably because I couldn't think of it, not because it is unwanted.

Maybe we'll be on the newsstands someday.  Let's show the world we're not what our stereotypes make us out to be.  I can't do it without you.  Claim one of these ideas, or propose one of your own!



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