Gender Blending Make-up
By M. Burks

"Makeup goes way beyond the ties of gender.  It can be an art form.  Everybody can appreciate what make-up does for imperfect complexions and when used as an expression of self."

Tip headers include:
"Blush like your first kiss"
"The eyes are the windows..."
The Truth About Family Values
By Roxie Lynn Howard

"In North Dakota, a conservative state to protect LGBT people, the impossible happened.  A foster care superviser chose to place a four-year-old girl in the home of an untrained transsexual foster parent.  A U.S. Constitutional amendment could be used to prevent this from happening again.  Yet, this choice by the foster care supervisor to place my granddaughter in my home changed a four-year-old girl's life for the better the following is an account of how this happened and a glimpse at real family values.  It is about my efforts to do whatever was necessary to help my grandchildren."

In addition to deconstructing anti-queer law, "The Truth About Family Values" is a heartwarming success story that you will want to share with your own family
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