This is the most recent picture of one of Binky's favorite places to hang out. This picture is updated every time a change is detected, up to four times a minute. The little Binksters can usually be found here between noon and 4:00 PM Pacific time, although she might be seen anytime, and she might go several days without an appearance. If the sun is out, she likes to hang out on one of several window sills and check out the action outside.

The Binkmeister is an indoor cat now, although in her earlier days, under different management and location, she could roam free outside. Today she goes out in the garage and explores for her adventure.

Hey! Who took my tail?
Does this pose make me look fat?

BInks is a black and white, female (nutered), Manx, of unknown age (probably born about 1996). I've had her for a couple of years now. She likes Purina Cat Chow and loves crunchy kitty candies (Wisker Lick'n Tartar Control...) , except Trader Joe's. After much work, I have gotten the picky little critter to eat fish, chicken, turkey, beef, pork, cheese, and eggs, but at first all she would eat was dry cat food. Of course she is very interested in whatever I am eating and has to give it a close sniff, but she usually just turns up her nose after that.

Am I on the internet again?
Oh I can't stand it!

Binkus has been trained to sit. I am currently working on training her to meow on command. She is very vocal so she should be very good at this once she figures it out. Her first "trick" was to climb on my lap and take the kitty candy held with my lips. She likes to hide under the covers on the bed. In fact it is hard to change the sheets when she is around since she jumps in the middle and stays under everything. Once under a blanket she likes to claw and bite at anything that moves.

Once the Binkatron spent a week in the kitchen, staring under the oven. Then from the bedroom I head this great ruckus as the cat tore through the house out into the living room. I came out to the living room to see what was going on and saw her on the floor pounced on a mouse between her front paws. I said "Way to go Binks!" and she looked up and the mouse ran away. She has not caught another mouse since them.

Stinky Binky likes to wake me up by licking my eyelids. This is very effective. She prefers to scratch cardboard boxes rather than furniture. This is highly encouraged.

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