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So precioussss it even makes Gollum smile!

Welcome to the first 'The Lord Of The Rings' humour site on the web! We hope you'll have a wonderful time at our little place and please check back again soon!Please let us know what you think of this site by emailing us at The Freaky Fellowship!

Updates: Monday January 6th 2003
Hello everyone! Long time not see! First of all I will spare you my long, long list of excuses for the lack (lack? Did she say lack? There were no bloody updates at all for at least 6 months!) of updates but they are not interesting at all anyway. What is interesting is the fact that we are finally able to go to the cinema again to see out favorite bunch of actors/actresses in our favorite movie. Yes, The Two Towers has finally arrived! And Gods, it’s totally amazing! If you haven’t seen it just yet, shame on you!
Now to the updates. As you can see I kinda changed the frontpage to fit the TTT madness better. The Gossipin’ page has been removed, for an explanation see below. To fill that space we now have a very funny (if I say so myself) guide to change your boyfriend into a real Hobbit or Elf. You can find it under How to..?. We have updated the Movie Reviews with TTT goodies and the Links section. Then there’s chapter 13-17 of the ‘Wicked Weird Story’, the last part of ‘Four Hobbies and an Elf’ and the first three parts of a new story called ‘Dark Rituals’. You find those in the Fiction section.
That’s all for now but be prepared for our next update bearing the one and only TTT script with pics, updates on our Parody and the very original Fellowship Movie Reviews!
These updates are dedicated to our online mates Beldaran and X’Nedra who, no matter what, support us. Love you! And happiness from the bottom of my heart that everything turned out well (you know of what I’m speaking)!
Love ‘n’ respect, Dee

IMPORTANT: As some of you have probably noticed we have removed the ‘Gossipin’’ page. We came to this decision after reading more and more hurtful gossip appearing on the internet about the LOTR actors, especially Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan. Since we want to support these two and all the other actors/actresses and have the greatest respect for their work we reckon it is unfair to interfere in somebody’s private life. We know fame has two sides and that some people want to get famous desperately, but these actors chose acting for their love for the art and not the things that come with it. Therefore we have decided to let their private lives be and concentrate on their work. We hope from the bottoms of our hearts that other people will follow this example and remove any hurtful, degrading or upsetting stories from their websites/magazines/tabloids!

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