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Hey guess what?  My site has officially come out of the "heavy construction" phase!  (acording to me)  All of my links should be up except the misc one.  Now is the right time to start sending in everything you can!  Now that the pages are up I'll be making almost daily updates so I can't post a news thingy for every update.  Sorry.  Just check around.  I will post a news every once In a while so don't worry too much.  I want to thank everyone who's helped me get this far so continue gracing me with your send-ins!  Don't forget to sign my guestbook!
Hey, welcome to Finnis lavendorf's Zelda and Final Fantasy Sanctuary!!
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Hey look I made a group!! If you like this Site then you'll LOVE this group.  Go on give this a try!!  There are polls, files, messages, help on games (from both series), anything you want.  Cya there.
August 8 2002 New section -- Zelda Pic Page 4 Some really neat pics in there. I'm kinda dissapointed with attendence to my site. Just thought I'd tell you. Hey if ya can don't be afraid to sign my guestbook!! As a matter of fact.... I'm still going to be optimistic about this. PLEASE send in stuff. I want to see it! Hehe. Bye.
July 26 2002 HUGE update. There is now a Zelda pic page 3, a FF pic page 3, a whole lot of music, and MY FIRST FAN FIC. Tell me what you think of it. :-)
July 23 2002 Got the music page and fan fiction page up. Start sending in anything whenever you fell like it. :-) I've loaded the music page with a whole bunch of songs but it's hideously small compared to what I have so please come back and I bet i'll have updated it.
July 18 2002 Hey smallish update... the review page is up (with no reviews) . But that's okay.. i'll get to them don't worry. I just got so much time and so little to do!! Anyway I'd like to point out that I got a new link and I know the people from seaside palace and recomend you go over there and check it out! Thnx.
July 16 2002 I'd like to make an international congradulations to Richie Congo for completing his eagle project (or close enough). Anyhow, forgive me for the serious lack of updates everybody. I've been addicted to Tales of Phantasia for SNES. I've beaten it and it really was a great game. With a surpise ending and everything. Anyhow. The FF Pic page is fully functional so go ahead and take a look. Hey the opinion page is completely set up too so drop by and e-mail opinions!! C ya!
July 8 2002 Okay I have a guestbook set up now and would really appreciate if you all would drop by and sign it!! Especially if you have sent in stuff that is now posted on this site. It can include anything from comments to suggestions or whatever. All I ask is that it doesn't include opinions on games or anything. I have a portion of my page dedicated to that and if you want to send in that e-mail it to me. Anyway I have work to do. C ya!
July 7 2002 Now we're going. We have our first fan art sent in! It is quite a handsome picture of link and I hope this sets the record for you guys! Now don't hold back and start sending stuff in!!!
June 27 2002 All Right!! I have the zelda picture portion of the my site all set up now so START SENDING IN STUFF!!!. I'm ready for it and if you send it I bet i'll have it up by the next day!! I update every day you'know. But be alittle patient. I'm still working on beating FF 2 and 3. Anyway, remember, if you have and stuff, suggesstions, fiction, etc. I love getting e-mail!!! I won't mind hearing from you even if it's just a compliment! Thank you and enjoy the page!
June 23 2002 YAY! I've finally got this site up and running and it's now open to the world!! Yeah, I know. I don't have much...or any at all. Sue me. I'm currently looking for stuff to put on here. Pictures-music-etc. But y'know it'd be great if you guys would send stuff in! Don't worry it really doesn't matter what it is. Y'know that doodle from math class? Send it In!! As long as it has something to do with Zelda or Final Fantasy I'm really fine. I'll make a page just for it if i don't have one up now. I'll be workin on some fan fiction soon so be looking forward to that. I love fan fiction and fan art. You have to understand. I'm not a great artist. I don't have alot of money. I don't have a team of workers just for me. BUT! I want this to be a personal site if it can't be a proffessional one. I'll properly credit it don't worry. Just e-mail whatever and whatever you want next to it. You can write your birthday for all I care. Anyhow. Still got stuff to work on!! Be Cool!!
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