While I am very proud of my accomplishment since May 2004 in developing the Taggett Family Tree it would not have been possible without the initial research by Marjorie McGregor Correia and Lesley Harrison.

The branches that have been added with the help of very generous people who have shared their ged files and other documents including: Fred Hancock, Ray Long, Paul Dixon, Bert and Betty Brown, Bob Adlington, Sarah Evans, Nick Hollingworth, and Marilyn McQuilty Tagget and Darryl H. White, Steven Geoffrey Garrard and Roy Burnell.

There have also been others who have contributed out of the kindness of their hearts and enjoyment in seeing a beginner such as myself make headway. In particular: Sue Davey, Paul Jones, Tania Dennis, the very talented researcher... Robyn Arkinstall, and a new comer to the field of Genealogy... Cheryle Flower.

Bob Adlington
Bob Adlington is a descendent of Douglas Johnston who was the husband of Louisa June Tagget. Louisa was the granddaughter of Henry Taggett and Louisa Orchard. Bob and his family have provided me with the Family History of Douglas Johnston, his wife and their children, as well as a photograph of Douglas Johnston taking during World War I.
  Adlington Family Tree

Robyn Arkinstall
Robin Arkinstall has devoted 30 years of research on Family Tree's. She has assisted me greatly by using local libraries as well as other Genealogy resources, particularly  to find the descendents of Henry Taggett and his second wife, Louisa Orchard. She has also gone to great lengths to assist with the family of Henry Taggett and Eliza Francis as well as Joseph Hicks and his wife Matilda Mary Taggett. Arkinstall Family Tree.

Bert and Betty Brown
Betty Brown is a descendent of George Hicks who was the brother of Joseph Hicks and the brother-in-law of Matilda Mary Taggett.  Bert and Betty have provided me with Family History of Joseph Hicks and his wife Matilda Mary Taggett from the time that they sailed from Falmouth, England on the "Augusta Schneider" arriving in Victoria, Australia in August 1852. It also includes the return of Matilda and children back to Cornwall, England, and the eventual emigration of the children to Colorado, and other locations within the America, as well as those who eventually returned to Australia.

Charmaine Eva Atkins Brown
Charmaine is the granddaughter of Arthur Edward Ford and Alice Emma McCracken. On July 17, 2005 I was delighted to be able to add a wedding photograph of her grandparents, and on July 19, 2005 was able to add more of her "Family History," as well as include more detailed information.

Roy Burnell
Roy Burnell has provided the Family History of Enid Muriel Burnell which includes her marriage to Joseph Alysius Lyons, the former Prime Minister of Australia; as well as Enid receiving the title of "Dame."

Julia Clarke
Julia is the great-granddaughter of John Sayers Roper and Matilda Taggett. Julia's great-grandmother Matilda, was the daugher of Josiah Thompson Taggett and Grace Moon. She has provided me with the details of Matilda's marriage and descendents.

Marjorie McGregor Correia
Majorie McGregor Correia is the daughter of Elsie Victoria Taggett, granddaughter of George Henry Josiah Taggett and Grace Caroline May Martin and great-granddaughter of William Taggett and Patience Spiller. Marjorie is responsible for the tracing our grandfathers Family History back to 1881 when he resided at  47 Princes Street, Stoke Damerel, Devon, England with his parents and siblings. Marjorie included the details in a book that included both her maternal and paternal lineage.  This research included employing a professional, obtaining marriages certificates.

Paul Dixon
Paul Dixon is the son of William James Dixon and Shirley Irene Ford, the grandson of Reuben Albert Edward Ford and Ada Maude Shilton, the great-grandson of Arthur Edward Ford and Alice Emma McCracken, the great-great grandson of Smith McCracken and Lavinia Taggett and the great-great-great grandson of Henry Taggett and Eliza Francis. He is also the author of the Taggett, McCracken, and Hicks family entries on the Australian First Families 2001.
Paul has provided me with Taggett, Hicks, and McCracken Family History.

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