The Taggett Family Tree, Descendents of William and Joanna Taggett, is lovingly dedicated to the memory of my father, George Henry Josiah Taggett born October 16, 1913, and my brother Raymond Edward Taggett born July 16, 1941

I would like to especially thank my beloved mother who turned 94 years old on April 26, 2007, as well as my son Carlos and sister Phyllis who have always inspired me to aim for the stars. All 3 have stood beside me at the best and very worst of times.

The research for this web site includes details collected from church and civil registration records, census results between 1841 to 1930, contributions by others, as well as countless hours of research. The details appear on each page under the heading of "Research," "General," or "Family History."

Whenever possible, I have included the variations of Taggett surname as recorded on the original document. Variations include: Taggatt, Taggart, Tegget and Toggit to name but a few. Today in 2007, there are two known variations used by the descendents of William and Joanna: Tagget and Taggett.

The "Thanks" section of this web site lists major contributors including Margery Correia of Paget, Bermuda, Lesley Harrison of Nottinghamshire, England, Paul Dixon of Victoria, Australia, Bert and Betty Brown of Clearview, South Australia, Robyn Arkinstall of East Gosford, New South Wales, Charmaine Brown of Victoria, Austria, Darryl H. White of West Australia, Marilyn Tagget and Nicholson Hollingsworth of New South Wales. Each provided essential details for my further research.

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