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My sim game

Hey babes!You know who you are

Well I would consider Rian Watson to be the most outgoing, sweetest and modest person in the world and my best friend too. Sarah Caouette is just the kind of person, that when you wake up in the morning, you can't wait to see their bright sunny face. I thank you girls for being there. Forever~ And to Karlen, Michelle, Kaylie, Jaymica, Veronica aka "DaVonica", Ashley G & B, Ashtan, Rachel Bruno and Rachel M, Aubrie, Siona, Megan, Sarah G, Clela, Tim, Wayne, Bobby W & M, Andrew, Will, John, and the cutest of all people Maria, I love you guys too. You are such sweethearts~Ash Oh and to all my friends in N.C.,S.C., and WV hey yall! Hey to Krissy and Lee Parker and Seth !

Sarah C and Me!


Hey nephew-IJ///Sarah C and Me!

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