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Must be appropriate
-Must be appropriate for all age groups, no swearing, profain images, you understand.
Proper usage
Must have content
-I must be able to understand your site(has a meaning). No broken links,images etc.. Usage of HTML, DHTML, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT etc..
Your site should be organized but it is not neccesary.
Colorful backgrounds,fonts,text etc..
Your site must not use anything from another site that is copyrighted unless you have permission to use their graphics,banners etc...
Your site dose not have to be about horses or animals but it is perferred.
You must link my award back to my page. The award must be up within one week, or your site will be removed from the winners list.

Note: I will personalize your award any way you would like it. I have a couple of awards to choose from but you may also pick your own.

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