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My sim game

Me getting an autograph from Emme-model/taken in New York City!
Hey there hi there ho there! This is my new project! Hey by the way my name is Ashley..you can call me ash. Lately I was being dumb and DELETED this page! So from memory, I am having to re-create this PAGE!!! MAN...well ne ways enjoy, the rest of the pages are fine! Anywho, let me get started... I Ashley Queen of Everything LOL created this to share my life with the world. I also wanted to educate people about horses, and the sport. I found that even on TV the stereo-type goes like this

Rich Girl : Rides horses

Try not! I hate stereotypes and so I am living proof that, that stereotype is WRONG! Long live the bond between human and horses!

Thank you for understanding

Im ah rebel
...rebellious to me

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Hey nephew-IJ///Sarah C and Me!

Invest in the journey, not the destination

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