Return from whence you came
My magickal name is Sabotia Moonshine, those of you close to me know my mundane.   I'm practical & natural in nature.  My age, well a woman never tells her secrets, however,  the last birthday of any significance was at 21, all the myths of adulthood were revealed, and age became irrelevant after that.   My supportive consort at arm is Wolfgang .  We  have (4) wonderful favors to life (aka children), three cats and one Jack Russel Terrier. 

"I'm not Normal, I'm Natural!"  I'm also a  Dianic Priestess, Eclectic Witch, legally Ordained Clergy and Priestess of T.O.I & F.O.I.     I have a great love for all things in Nature, and respect for all things magickal and spiritual.    

I  honor the sacred feminine by honoring the ThreefoldGoddess (Maiden, Mother, Crone) within myself and the Goddess of Ten-Thousand Names; Gaia, Demeter, Diana, Isis, Bride, Terra, Mother Earth and by many other names.    I work mostly with my feminine energies to enhance the goddess within and become a woman of strength, personal power and know my purpose within nature and the circle of life.   I  honor the sacred masculine by honoring the Threefold God (Warrior, Father, & Sage) as the consort and the  the God of ten-thousand names; i.e. Greenman, Lord of the Hunt, Cernunos, Herne, Father Sky, Father Sun,  Orsirus and by many other names.  Although I work more  personally with the Goddess, I also celebrate the masculine as consort to the Goddess, he yields his radiant power upon the earth willingly to the Goddess that she may use it as she sees fit.

To deny the existence of  either God or Goddess, would be to deny the existence of  nature, Life and the Divine Oneness.  Both energies are necessary to achieve  balance within oneself and to reconnect with our natural world and with mother nature.   Today's society in america, thank the gods, we have more personal freedom, as individuals,  to pursue a spiritual path that is right for us, that's not based on fear of a jealous deity.   I believe that I am helping to balance the world energy, by working spiritually and magickally with the Goddess & God. 

Like the Great Mother Earth ever spinning on her axis,  and the Great Father Sun who shines his light upon her,in the never ending, cycles of time and space, they forever keep their balance within the universe. 

In love, beauty & trust I welcome you with all my heart and warmest blessings, take what you need, bless the rest and let it go.

Merry We Have Met, Merry Shall We Part, Until We Merry Meet Again, Blessed Be!

Sabotia Moonshine
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