Stargazing, bonfires, dancing, singing, and drumming; these are just a few ways to celebrate Mid-Summer night.  The moons brilliance can be seen all over the world and it touches something deep and primative within our souls.  We celebrate the summer at hand, for we know that the longest day has reached it's climax and the sun begins its journey back into darkness.  Soon Persephone will be called  back to the underworld, and Demeter, her mother, will mourn her departure.  As her tears fall to the earth, the harvest will ripen to honor her mourning.  So gather under the Summer Solstice Moon and celebrate all that is wild and free. 

Summer Solstice also know as Mid-Summer, Lithia or High Summer, is celebrated around June 20th (my birthday ~smiles~).  This is the longest day, the God rules all.  Yet with all his power, at the setting sun his power will begin to dimish.  Now is a tme to gather and honor the life of the God for he has reached  the prime of his life.  We also come together to celebrate the Earth Mother, glowing in her fertile beauty.  Natures' beauty can be seen in every color and shade anywhere you look.  The budding of fruits on trees and vines bring with them the promise of abundance.  Sing, feast, dance and make merry for the Summer is coming to an end, and the wheel turns again.
Summer Solstice / Mid Summer Night / Lithia
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