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Ultim 09-Dec-2005

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About me and why I think this is the way to go.
I have a degree in Chemistry.
Six years university. You know what the size of "diploma" in Argentine is proportional to this ?

Chances are my diploma are bigger as yours!!!! (Just kidding)
I'm self learning guy and by trying. Remember Alchemist quote. Ledge, ledge, ledge, reledge , Ora, proba et invenies.

I begin my Computer journey when in my chemistry lab realize what all I can do is refining things what lasted one hundred years. I do two "Analytical Chemistry" new methods paper publish quality on this. And a day what I do research for bring chemistry lab manipulations from Middle Age to 20 Century (Yes , I know now is 21), found this marvelous thing named Computer.
One day , reading "Popular Mechanics" magazine dated 1979 i found about the Apple II Computer.

In 1981 I lived in "El Imperio", that is Rio Cuarto city. And have enough money go buy the first computer , And the UNRC (lost paradise to me) buy the PDP -11 computer whose existence in the campus are know only by less of a dozen, (Yes , I'm in The Chosen) Later come the GEA group , the UNESCO membership, Daniel Farías and his teaching, the assemblers, the Control Computers S.A. sucursal, desktop publishing, the Mac , UniWare and the fall.
Several years later, lots of last model Macs, lots of teach all kind of things and learning a little, one day searching material for my student I found Mark Guzdial stuff. And know Squeak exists. The "magic eye" course/blessing what I have, say loudly "This is what I'm looking for" Fighting the wind mills , teach Squeak to reluctant people and of course learn a little.
A while on the road convinced me what the magic eye are right.

Only time can say if SqueakRos live or not and if true what you can go anywhere whit we found. But I hope on my next birthday found me preparing to travel ESUG.

Me encanta la fórmula uno , la música y soy hincha de Rosario Central
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