DustyRose Australian Shepherds

Welcome to DustyRose Australian Shepherds.
We are located in Bosque Farms, New Mexico
which is twenty miles south of Albuquerque.
Our love affair with this spectacular breed
began some twenty-five years ago with an
Aussie cross who adopted us from a
Midwestern USA humane association. I saw
this lovely gray and back mottled four-
month-old sitting quietly in the middle of his
run. He was scheduled for termination that
day. All he did was sit and watch me with
kind, intelligent eyes that begged for rescue.
I adopted him as a gift for my husband; we
haven't looked back since. "Blue" turned us
on to Aussies and started the love affair that
continues to this date. He climbed trees to
chase squirrels and to rest and survey his
domain. We were amazed with his athletic
ability, his intelligence, his kindness, and his
willingness to belong to our family. In no
time he had us well trained. Some twenty
years later, which included a move to New
Mexico, we had gotten our last rescue who
turned out to be our first show dog, starting
us down the competition road. Duncan, who
since has passed on to the Rainbow Bridge,
was in charge of raising any puppies. He was
kind but firm. We feel very lucky to have had
him in our household. His grandsire was a
Las Racosa dog. You can see his picture in
our family of dogs.

Since Barbara's physical disability has
gotten worse, we compete in AKC and ASCA
confirmation, but she is trying her luck at
obedience from a scooter. But, as always,
we love having a bed-full of Aussies!!!

Jubie finished her AKC championship in 2002
and ASCA in 2003.

2004 was a wonderful year in the
competition ring. Jubie completed her ASCA
CD, JW was awarded his ASCA
Championship, and Inde finished her AKC

Angel's littermate "Copper" finished his
ASCA championship on October 9, 2004,
again pictures to follow. Also, he was an
ASCA Premier Stud at the 2006 nationals.

In 2005, Inde finished her ASCA
championship. Jubie has 2 legs of her AKC
CD and is competing in Open. And we lost

In 2006 things came to an abrupt stop.
Barbara tripped while caring for Inde-Kai
puppies born in February of 2006. She
cracked her right tibia. Unfortunately, we
lost Jubie at the same time and Inde shortly

It's now mid 2009 and Barbara is still on a
walker. The leg, after a 2nd surgery is
healing, finally. She doesn't have doctor's
approval to get back into showing.

We had another one pup litter by our "JW"
and our "Tammy" born April 11, 2009.

Meet Robbie at 5 1/2 weeks.
@ Copywrite by Barbara J FitzGerald
UPDATED 06-01-09

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