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My secret recipe is for a compassionate fast which flushes toxins and poisons from the system - you'll experience no hunger pangs and your body will receive all the amino acids and vitamins that you need -

also good for colds & flu:

1/4 teaspoon of Spirulina, 1/4 teaspoon of bee pollen or echinachea,
3 tablespoons of aloe vera juice in 8oz of your favorite juice (preferably fresh squeezed) put it into a blender and make a smoothy (tastes groovy)

Add "TLC + THC "
3 times a day and you'll feel OK

Recommended fee $10.00 - $125.00

For consultation on additional ailments be sure to email me:

or call me at 310-396-4680

Send checks/money orders to:
Dr John Michel
833 Victoria Ave
Venice CA 90291

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