Okay, peoples, here's the scoop.  I don't know jack SHIT about html.  I rely entirely on the Yahoo! Page Builder.  Any work of writing I wish to post at this site cannot be copied and pasted onto the Page Builder, so I have to save it as an Html file, and then either go through the whole damned thing, putting in those stupid < p > things, or I have to upload it onto the Page Builder, and just go through and put in the paragraphs manually.  So far it's easier with my beloved Page Builder, but neither way is time-friendly, so while I'm setting things up trying to get my main forte, the fiction up, nothing else will really be done,  Sooo... for now, there is ONE working portion of the page.  Yipee.  Expect fairly steady updates though, despite the move I'll be making soon.  Be warned beforehand of the Yaoi to be found on this page!  Mature themes and all that crap      - April 28th, 2004

I've already updated again with another chapter, and HEY, something actually HAPPENS in this chapter!  *laughs at self*
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